While none of us really want to think about our funerals, by taking half an hour to make some arrangements you can make it much easier for your loved ones after you’re gone.

This will save them time that they can spend resting and grieving and will prevent them from having to make tough decisions and wondering what you would like best.

Here are some things to think about when you’re planning your funeral:


The Service

Having your service completely planned out will make it much easier for everyone involved. Think about how you would like your funeral to go. Are you religious? Would you like to be buried? You may decide to leave some of the smaller details up to your family while taking care of the larger ones or vice versa, and you can always make a list of the things you would like included and ask your lawyer to pass it on after you’re gone.

Which songs would you like played? Are you going for sad songs, or do you want your funeral to be more of a celebration of your life? You may have certain flowers that you feel represent you, an attire you would like your guests to wear, or something else that you would like included in the service. Consider speaking to a funeral planner so you’ll know which aspects you need to think about.

The Food

Most families will want to get together with everyone who attended the service after your funeral, and if you can get some of this organised for them it’ll be far less stressful for them. Find a catering company and consider leaving your wishes in your will or even pre-paying for the catering so your family won’t need to try to work around everyone’s preferences and dietary restrictions.


The memorial stone

There are many different designs and types of bespoke headstones and memorials, so you can choose one that you think best represents your life and personality. Maybe you want a massive, attention-grabbing headstone, or perhaps you prefer something a little more classic, you can usually pre-pay for this as well, cutting down on your funeral expenses and once again making this tough time a little easier for your family.

This is where your loved ones will be coming to visit you when you’re gone, so be sure to take some time to find the perfect headstone for you.

Your words

Maybe you want your closets friend or family member to say a eulogy, or you’d rather just say goodbye with some words you’ve written yourself, but having these words written can ensure that you have a sense of closure and allow you to tell your family how much they mean to you.

Think about all of the people you’d like to speak to, and narrow it down to those who have been there with you through the thick and thin. Maybe think about some funny stories and then edit it down so it’s just a few minutes long.