Sometimes life can fall into a routine and while there’s nothing wrong with that, often the days merge together and there’s nothing separating them or making them special. You only get one shot at this life (or so we think) so it’s important to make the most of it. Adding new hobbies to your schedule is a fun way to have more… fun! As we grow older we become more focused on the practical side of life and while that’s important, it’s also important that we unwind, relax, make new friends and try new things. What better way to do that than to try a new hobby. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure of where to start, check out this list of great new hobbies you can easily try:


1) Start Running

Do you love exercise? Or do you wish you loved exercise? Running can be addictive, once you’re fit enough to enjoy it. I used to hate running but a few months ago I started again and now I’m addicted to the ‘runners high’ people talk about. All those endorphins running around your blood stream help you feel good, relaxed, and they help to melt away life’s daily stresses. The best thing about running is all you need is a good pair of shoes and some ground, so you can do it absolutely anywhere.

2) Consider Playing Online Slots

Gambling can be fun – that’s no secret. The thrill and suspense of maybe winning lucky is a lot of fun. Often it’s not practical for us to go to a casino – it can be expensive to get there, or perhaps you have commitments at home which make playing online slots much more practical. Don’t forget to set yourself a budget because you might get lost in this fun world of online games.


3) Start Gardening

If you have the space, why not start a new hobby that’s going to help you stay fit, healthy and maybe even save you money. It’s no secret that the price of food is rapidly rising. Gardening is a great way to connect with the environment, learn a new skill and save money! If you have children, even better, growing your own food is a fun educational task and can be a great bonding experience.

4) Do a Cooking Course

Why not take a cooking class to learn some new recipes to use with your new fond love of gardening. If you’re on limited time, you can try to make a new recipe each week. There’s a bunch of food blogs out there with great, free recipes that you can follow. I love browsing the photos on Pinterest and finding things to try.


5) Find Your Inner Artist

Maybe you used to play piano as a child, or maybe you loved to paint, but it’s something you’ve neglected for the past decade or two. Why not take a class? Again, if time and budget doesn’t permit, it’s easy to get into your art-groove at home. Buy some paints, find a second hand guitar and get creative.

It’s always fun to try something new, or to fall in love with something you used to love again. No matter your budget, or amount of free time each week, you can find a fun new hobby to try.