A lot of times trainers and dog coacheswill say that being the dominant one over your dog can be effective when it comes to putting them in your family. However, with an already dominant male, this might not be the way to go when the time comes. If you start off early enough, have the male neutered and provide them with a well-rounded training background; then it might work. Many trainers are now finding reward based systems much more effective than showing off dominance to a dog. The dog will naturally fall behind on the dominance level if you’re providing them with food and treats.


Choose a Dog Training Method That Works for You

Either way you go about it, you have to be the one that sticks to the dog training that is being done. Additionally, you want to ensure that your dog understands that you’re always in charge. This can be done through both the dominance and reward systems of puppy training methods.

When all else fails, speak with many different trainers to find out their dog training methods and then go with the one that sounds like you’d more enjoy. You want to ensure that your dog understands commands, that they know you’re in charge and they know how to behave. You can choose which path to take concerning that and them. You just have to do the background search first.

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