In the US, it is estimated that only 1 in 3 children are physically active each day. With this in mind, you will no doubt see how vital encouraging exercise habits is for your children. Finding ways to get your kids into fitness will pay off in so many ways for them. Not only will it see your little angels get fitter and more confident, but it will also keep them in tip-top health for life. 

However, every parent will know how tough it can be sometimes! If you need some fresh new ways to help them enjoy being active, read on.

Best ways to help encourage fitness in your children 

If you find it tricky to help your kids get out and get fit, then the below tips may be the answer:


1. Make it fun 

Most kids will only want to participate in things that are fun. If they see exercise as a chore or boring,then they will not want to give it a shot. Let them choose the sport or activity they want to do so that it is something they will enjoy. When they are involved in the activity itself, make sure it is fun and something that gives them lots of laughter. 

2. Get involved yourself 

Fitness offers an amazing way to spend extra time with your children and share an enjoyable experience together. Rather than sending them outside on their own, set time aside from your own schedule to join in with them. They will be sure to love this, and this in itself will naturally encourage them to continue with it. 

3. Get the right kids sports wear

Tommie Cooper offers a fabulous range of kids sports wear that will not only keep them safe but also make them want to exercise. Getting the right gear to wear is very important, as it will make your children want to put it on and get active. This suitable sports clothing will also help protect against injuries and support their growing bodies when they are active.

4. Find a club

Some parents may find it helpful if their child attends a local sports club or class. Not only will having a set class or session to go to help them exercise on a consistent basis, but lots of children also enjoy going along to make new friends. 

5. Talk to them 

As all parents know, kids are more switched on than you usually think! This means that very often, it can just be a case of talking to them about fitness and why it is so vital. Explain to them why you think they need to do more and how it will benefit them. This will usually be enough, as they will feel it is their decision, rather than you just ordering them to do it.

Getting fit is fun 

If you need ways to get your children into fitness, hopefully the above has helped. Above all, encouraging your kids to get fit should always be done in a fun way so that they get the most out of it. It is really worth the effort to nurture this interest, so you can help them develop healthy habits for life.