We could probably all use a better sleep. A recent infographic revealed that very few people are getting the amount (and quality) of sleep that they should. If you’re waking up and continually pressing snooze, needing multiple cups of coffee just to get through the day, and then tossing and turning once you finally get into your bed (after wishing for bed all day), you may relate.

Here are some tips for getting a better sleep:


Get Active

Exercise is proven to help us have a better snooze, and it’s great for our waistline as well. A morning or mid-day run or trip to the gym is the perfect way to actually end up with more energy, and who ever regrets a workout? While it can be hard to get there if you already feel tired, remember that you’ll be treated to a surge of energy afterwards, and you’ll be treated to all of those endorphins.

Turn off the screens

If you’re the type to be scrolling on your smartphone, working on your laptop or watching TV, commit to turning off the screen at least an hour before you go to bed. For those who do find themselves using their laptops, consider installing the app Flux, which gradually changes to light on your screen from blue-based to yellow-based, which is much kinder to your eyes and makes it easier to sleep afterwards.

Refrain from reaching for your phone in the middle of the night if you’re awake, as this is likely to keep you up for even longer.


Be App-Smart

There are some great apps which can allow you to monitor your sleep, and see the affect caffeine, exercise, and other activities have on your snooze time. Sleep Cycle is a great one, as it monitors your sleep and can tell if you’re in a deep sleep or tossing and turning all night. You simply put it on the bed next to you, let it do its thing, and it’ll monitor you by your movements through the night. It also aims to wake you up when you’re not in the middle of REM sleep, so you can choose a time range (say between 6am and 6.30am) and it will wake you up at the best possible point for you to feel rested. There is also a nap version which is excellent if you just want one sleep cycle or a 20 minute refresher nap through the day.


If you’re already concerned about how little sleep you’re getting, you may feel upset and anxious before you even get into bed. This won’t help you sleep, so have a hot drink, take a warm bath, or read a good book to help you relax before you head to bed.

Check your Mattress

One of the biggest reasons we’re having bad sleeps is due to the age and quality of our mattresses, but for some reason this often gets overlooked. whether you have a Double Mattress, King Size Mattress or a single, check the warranty and figure out when you bought it so you can tell if it’s time for an upgrade.

Check out the infographic below:

Sleeping Habits Around The World