With the holiday season coming in quickly, it’s the perfect time to start cleaning. Whether it’s prepping your house for family and visitors, straightening up your bedroom or removing clutter, the list just goes on and on.

But while we’ll often mop, wipe and sweep the house regularly, what about your makeup tools? Clogged pores and breakouts – which you definitely want to avoid these holidays – can be a result of dirty brushes and tools. Cleaning your tools will not only help protect your skin but also your expensive toys.

Find out how you can feel just that little bit fresher and keep your house just that little bit tidier with these tips.


Strap in and Get Ready to Clean

Before we get started with the clean, know that it is going to take up a big chunk of your time. So why not use this time to sneak in a little extra beauty routine.

Queue, the moisturising face mask. Replenish the moisture in your skin for a smooth, brighter complexion once you’re done. Slip a mask on before you start cleaning and be ready to feel your best once you’ve finished.

With your face and skin taken care of, next up is your hair. Provide some nourishment with a scalp treatment. Find a product that gently cleans down to the root and keeps your hair healthy.

Makeup Brushes & Sponges

Now, it’s finally time to clean! First stop, your makeup brushes. Cleaning your brushes should be a regular part of your routine to keep them long lasting, fresh and clean and is a simple process. While it’s ideal to clean your brushes after each use, it’s never too late to start – and a good idea to start with a nice big clean.

Regardless of the type, whether its a powder, foundation or bronzer brush – this cleaning routine will be perfect.

To get started, rinse any residual dirt off of the brush under running water, being sure to get between the bristles. Once wet, a brush cleanser or shampoo can be used. Gently swirl the brush in the solution and lather it up before rinsing and repeating until the colour runs clear. Once done, wipe the brushes down and leave them to dry.

A similar process can also be used to clean your makeup sponges, which should be done just as often.


Other Accessories

Apart from your makeup brushes and sponges, there are some other accessories that might need cleaning as well and now’s the time to whip them out. From your tweezers to eyebrow curlers, nail clippers, compact mirrors and more, often these are the items in your bag that receive the least amount of cleaning and need not only to be washed but also sanitised.

Start off by using water and soap to initially remove any residue. Next, use a cotton pad soaked with alcohol to wipe the tools down, sanitising before drying. A nice and easy routine that should be done every two weeks.

Freshen Up your Room

Finally, once you’ve finished cleaning your makeup tools, the next stop is the rest of your room. Sure, you can throw your bed sheets in the laundry, wash your rug, organise your desk and wipe down your wardrobe but to really add a special touch, sprucing up the scent of your room will make a big difference.

Transform the feel of your room, and immediately fill it with a lavishly fragrant glow by lighting a scented candle. For a longer lasting, continuous blanket of fragrance that will fill your entire house, find a nice, sweet diffuser – great as a decorating piece as well. To top it off, spritz some aromatic linen spray on the fabrics in your room and throughout your house to help you feel fresh after a hard day’s cleaning.