When you make a big purchase it needs careful consideration and thought before you actually say ‘yes’ and part with hard-earned cash. You wouldn’t go and buy a car without thinking about it first, test driving it, checking out a few details, and going away to double think again, before returning and making your final decision, would you? Well, the same consideration and careful thinking should be going into buying a new bed and any new homeware shopping.


Many of us don’t put enough effort into choosing the right bed, and really it’s a bigger investment than you might think. A bed isn’t simply something you lay down on at night, it has to be comfortable, it has to be supportive, it has to be the right size, and it has to be the one place you look forward to heading to at the end of a busy day.

With this in mind, here’s three tips you should be checking out before you head off to the nearest bed showroom.


Shop around!

We mentioned the adage before about buying a car, and the same thing applies here – you need to check out your options and price up different places before you go ahead and buy. If you have a particular make in mind, head online and check out a price comparison website to see if you can find it cheaper online, and if you can, provided you’ve checked it out in a store beforehand, go ahead and get it. Ordering a bed online can be a great way to save money.

Know the firmness you need

If you have back pain, or you struggle with aches and pains during the day, then you need a particular firmness to support your back during your sleep. Having a mattress which is too soft isn’t good for your back, but equally, having a bed which is too hard can be just as detrimental. It has been shown that a medium firmness is the best middle-ground for back support, so simply sinking into your mattress isn’t the best way forward!


Test it out!

Now, you might feel a bit silly, but this is an important part of bed shopping. If you find a bed you like the look and feel of, you need to test it out for at least 10 minutes before you say ‘yes’ to it. The salesperson in the shop might not like this idea, but tough luck – if you’re making a big purchase you need all the information to hand before you do so. Simply lay down on the bed for around 10 minutes and then see how you feel, if you get back ache or you’re not comfortable then you know it’s not the bed for you. If however you feel perfectly fine and comfortable, then well done, you’ve found your new bed!