A bedroom must have many things to be a real sanctuary. It should have ample light, warm floors, cosy and comfortable bedding and space to dress and move around in. But something that is occasionally overlooked is just how essential it is to have the right pieces of furniture, too. Here, we highlight three key features, how to choose the correct ones, plus a few unique storage solutions to keep clutter to a minimum.

A gorgeous bed

Lots of people put their focus on the bedding and pillows when it comes to creating a stunning bed centre-piece. But what many forget is that the actual frame has a huge impact on the overall look; colourful pillows and expensive blankets can only do so much. A safe bet when it comes to the material of your bed is oak. It goes with all décor, no matter the colour or style, and gives you longevity. This dorset oak range from Furniture Plus is ideal, and the range is large enough so that you can match all of your major items if you fancy!


A well-designer chest of drawers

A chest of drawers may seem like a simple item, but actually, there are several features you should give some careful thought in advance. Firstly, the height. Will it suit you better if it reaches waist height, which is good for decorative items like candles and photo frames? Or, is chest height better; your drawers can double as a dressing table, and you can place your mirror on top. Finally, chin height and above is what you need to look for if you just want to use the top for further storage, and items like boxes. Secondly, investing in drawers with sturdy runners is an absolute must, otherwise you’ll find yourself with a broken piece of furniture that will need replacing.


The perfect size wardrobe

Too big and it will dwarf everything else in the room; too small and it won’t fulfill its purpose. If you want to invest in the perfect wardrobe, one of the best solutions is getting one that is made-to-measure. This means no sections sticking out annoyingly and no doors opening awkwardly onto other pieces of furniture.


There are also several types of clever pieces of furniture out there that double as storage solutions. Headboards with hidden shelves, and boxes and benches that hide secret internal storage inside are just some of them. Underbed storage is also handy, and we’re not just talking about drawers anymore either. Ottoman beds are becoming increasingly popular, and with their lift-up slatted frames and huge amounts of space underneath, it’s easy to see why.