You might think that the only place to find antiques is an old antique store or at a traditional auction. However, there are many other places where you can find astonishing deals on genuine antiques. The key is to try less conventional places where the prices will be better and the competition a bit thinner. There are many online dealerships like Love Antiques where you can find various antique items like jewellery, oil paintings, bureau, silverware and a lot more. The benefit of buying items from this online place is the guarantee that you are getting genuine and valuable antiques that you can pass on to your children.

Aside from this, here are 4 other little-known places you might not have considered.

Storage Auctions

Many people across the country use self-storage facilities to store items they don’t have room for in their home. These items can often include valuable antiques that don’t fit in with their current decor. After a period of time, the operator of the storage facility will carry out an auction of the contents of storage units that have overdue fees. Be prepared when you go to these storage auctions, since you may only have a moment to evaluate the contents of the unit. Take along a small torch so you can get a good look at the items.

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are becoming a real tradition in many areas. As soon as you see someone selling out of their boot, rush over so you can be the first at any special items they might have. While most of the sellers are amateurs, you can still come across quality antiques and collectibles among all the worthless junk. Take along sufficient cash (they’re not going to take a check) and negotiate hard to get the price you want.

Jumble Sales

Jumble sales are usually run by charitable organisations, churches and Scout troops. They’re often held in community centres or church halls. These sales are good chance to pick up art, collectibles and antiques for next to nothing. Even among the throw-outs and giveaways, you can sometimes find valuable prints, paintings or even vintage clothing.

Large Fairs

Throughout the year, you will see thousands of collectible and antique dealers at large fairs across the country. Some of these fairs, such as the ones at Lincolnshire and Newark, will have thousands of stalls set up. You can frequently find some amazing bargains with these dealers, from vintage fabrics to Art Deco ceramics.