Shopping for gift ideas can be especially hard, particularly if you’re looking for that one friend who seems to have everything. That’s why I like to look for quirky gift ideas, it makes it less likely that someone else has already chosen that gift for them. Obviously it’s smart to look towards what kind of hobbies, interests or passions your friend has, but if nothing stands out as a good place to start, here are some ideas to get your own thoughts flowing:

1. Something to help them relax
Life can be really stressful! We all have a few things to balance on our plates, so I think a gift that helps your friend relax is a great gift that they’ll really appreciate. Do you know if your friend enjoys massages? They can be such a special treat, something that we often don’t think to buy for ourselves. Likewise, there are a number of delicious edibles that can also help your friend to relax, such as those available when you click here. If neither of those things would appeal to your friend, what about tickets to see a comedy show so that you can both laugh together? Life can be overwhelming so a gift that helps your friend relax is sure to be well received.

2. Foster a new hobby
If your friend doesn’t have any particular hobbies they really love, why not buy them something to help foster the love of a new hobby? Octopots are a great way to get into the benefits and fun of gardening in a simple and low cost way. They self water for a week or longer, which is wonderful for those of us who don’t naturally have a green thumb. They don’t waste water or nutrients, and they don’t require any electricity or pumps to work. An Octopot is a great introduction to the world of gardening, and are a quirky gift no one would expect to receive!

3. A voucher
If you’re really stuck, then a voucher can be a great alternative. I personally like to choose vouchers for activities rather than things. This could include fun activities such as a special encounter in a local zoo or aquarium. Maybe you know your friend would really like to try skydiving or bungy jumping, but just hasn’t got around to it! Another fun voucher you can look to get is tickets to an upcoming show or performance that you can both attend together. There are so many options, so there will be something to suit everyone’s budget and expectations. If you want to fork out for a more expensive voucher, such as skydiving, but don’t want to handle the cost alone, why not ask friends or family if they want to go in on the gift. Getting a combined gift is a great way to get something more expensive, without breaking your own bank in the process!

Whether you’re looking for a fun birthday gift or a special Christmas surprise, these are three tips for finding that perfect gift for your friend or loved one.