Having indoor plants in the house or office is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comes with a surprising number of health benefits too. Indoor plants can purify the air and eliminate harmful chemicals that you are exposed too through everyday cleaning products. If you don’t want the effort of taking care of them you can use plant hire companies like Gaddys Plant Hire, that will take care of everything for you.

However if the space doesn’t get much sunlight you may be thinking that you can’t have plants in the home or office.  Believe it or not there are plenty of indoor plants you can use that do not require sunlight. See list below.


Boston Fern

Known for their air purifying benefits this fern is a great addition to the home. The fern leaves are lights green and feathery looking making it the plant perfect for some elegant décor. It is also known for removing formaldehyde and restoring moisture to the room.


Peace Lily

This is a beautiful exotic looking plant that can brighten up any room. It has dark green leaves with white tropical looking flowers and grows to over 40 inches. Not only that but it is also know for helping with mold in the home and absorbs harmful vapors.

African violet flowers, selective focus

African Violets

If you want colour then this plant is the way to go. With dark green leaves you can get ones that flower violet (most common) or purple, pale blue and white. The plant is perfect for small spaces with only growing to 15cm.It is also known to stimulate endorphin and bring some calm into the house or office.


Lucky Bamboo

Whilst looking like bamboo and the name, this plant in fact isn’t related to bamboo at all. However with it’s green vertical stems and light coloured leaves it’s a beautiful touch to any room, especially if you are going after an Asian feel.



A lot different looking to other household plants, with its heart shaped leaves and dark maroon colour. This is another great plant to add that will help with removing toxins from the air.


Snake plant

Again another perfect plant to add for detoxifying the home and grows exceptionally well with no sunlight. It grows leaves both short and tall making it great for adding in some greenery to the room.


Chinese Evergreen

Often seen in shopping malls due to its easy growth in no light, this plant offers beautiful greens, greys and silver to the room. It’s also very easy to maintain.