Needing some extra storage space in your bedroom? Read on for some handy tips!

For extra storage space under your bed, divans are a great option. Many come with built in drawers. These are preferable to beds with empty space underneath, as you will be able to utilise every inch of space, and actually reach everything you put under there. By storing bedding and spare duvets and pillows here, you can keep everything together while freeing up external drawers and wardrobes for clothing.


Although beds high enough to fit drawers underneath are a solid option, don’t forget to consider if you’re needs better suit having a bed that is low to the ground. This increased free space above the bed can make way for shelving units right around the top perimeter of the room. This is especially useful if you have lots of items that will only need accessing occasionally, like books, DVD’s and photo albums.

On the other end of the spectrum is a loft bed. Be assured that these aren’t just for teenagers, and are readily available as doubles and not just singles. Loft beds, also known as high sleeper beds, free up a massive amount of floor space, and utilise the otherwise empty space above your head. In the space made underneath you can install a number of pieces of furniture, from necessities to extravagances. A dressing table or sofa and side table could be placed there, or if more storage is what you’re really in need of, fill the entire space with shelving units and cupboards.


Ottoman beds are also becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Entire mattress and bed slats lifts up to reveal a full storage section underneath, with handy solutions and handles so it doesn’t take a weight lifter to lift it!

If you won’t need the room as a bedroom all the time, consider a day bed or a sofa bed, which are usually more compact that single beds and can obviously double as a seating area, like these from Bedz R Us. These aren’t your only options, though. You could also choose a clever single guest bed, with a pull-out section underneath that can be lifted up to make a double bed when necessary.

Don’t discount other types of bedframe, either. Instead, get creative! Metal bedframes can be used for storage too; scarves and ties can be tied around the bedposts, for example. Meanwhile, some wooden frames come with ledges to put drinks and lamps on, which is pretty handy.

You can also find headboards with storage compartments, and benches that can be placed at the end of your bed that hide secret storage inside.