Home is where the heart is, so why not make it the best place to come home to after a long days work. Here are some simple ideas to make your home as comfortable and snuggly as possible.

1. A comfortable home is one that is easy to get around. You might find your stairs a challenge to get up if you are elderly or injured or if you are constantly tripping over furniture. There are many ways to help make your home more accessible to get around. Perhaps install a chair lift on the stairs or take a look at your furniture placement to see where you could be creating blocked pathways and hazard zones for tripping over. Installing stair lifts can be a great way to ensure your home suits you for years to come.


2. Fill it with love and put family pictures everywhere. Nothing makes the home feel more comfortable then having it filled with pictures of all your loved ones. If you are lucky enough to have access to your grandparents old photos then add those to the walls too. It’s so nice to have a reminder of the people in your life who are the most important to you.

3. Spend the money on getting comfortable furniture, especially a bed. A bed should be a complete investment, yet people tend to skimp on it when it comes to purchase time. You spend nearly a third of your life in bed, yet people spend more money on their car then they do on their bed. So invest in a good quality bed, it’s amazing the difference it can make to having a good nights sleep.


4. Decorate to show your personality. Some people like clean and simple where as others like bright colours. Figure out what “style” of decorating makes you feel the most comfortable and go with that. Don’t try and decorate to the latest trend or what your friends are doing if it’s just not your style. This is ultimately your home, so make it that way.

5. Declutter the house every six months. It’s so easy over time to just accumulate so much stuff. The more stuff you have the messier the home feels. So take the opportunity to do a “spring clean” every six months and get rid of anything you don’t need or have used in the six months prior.


6. Add cushions and throws to as many places as you can. You can never have enough of these in any house, so add them to your couch, your bed, even your home office.

7. Add relaxing aromas to all your rooms. You can use soy scented candles or oil burners to make any room smell amazing. Different essential oils have different healing qualities too, so you can chose one depending on your mood for the day.