Join fitted bedroom experts DM Design as they explain that you don’t always need to transform your entire home to give it an overhaul — sometimes the little things like the examples below can still make the big impact that you’re looking for…

The effectiveness of layers

For added luxury throughout your home, think about how you can layer up items. Whether it’s in the bedroom with layers of blankets, throws and cushions, or rugs and furniture in other rooms, layering is a great way to achieve a new dimension.

Welcome fresh plants

Nothing says fresh and up-to-date than having some fresh plants around your home, no matter if you simply opt for a few potted plants or decide to get green hands by using your kitchen to grow fresh herbs. Have more fun by mixing up plant pots between vintage and classic around your home.

Hang up some mirrors

Mirrors are great for creating the illusion that a room has more space than is true. What’s more, mirrors amplify any light from the windows and lights to make everything brighter and more spacious. Need another tip? Place lamps in front of mirrors to amplify this effect.

Embrace recycling

Do you have stuff around your home that you no longer want? Instead of throwing them in the bin, think of ways to re-use them as decorative items. Whether you turn jam jars into candle holders and vases, use a pile or use candles to decorate an empty fireplace, you should check what you’ve got at your disposal before buying anything new.

Give doors a new lick of paint

You will be surprised just how much you can change the dynamic of your home by painting each of the doors a different colour — especially if you choose to go from a bright hue to a bold tone. Alternatively,  why not just paint the outer-edges for an extreme 3D effect?