If money was no object, it is easy to design a luxury bathroom or kitchen. Simply order customized marble or granite and use the most expensive fittings and furnishings, yet we do need to budget any home renovations. Luckily, it is possible to create a luxury bathroom or kitchen environment without having to take out a loan.

Marble Or Granite

Of course, a bathroom would not be classed as luxurious without quality marble or granite, yet we now have engineered stone, which is much cheaper than the natural type, plus they have amazing designs in any type of stone. Engineered stone is created in batches and can be cut just like natural stone and the money you save can be put to good use. The same goes for the kitchen and with affordable designer kitchen taps from the online supplier, you can create the perfect look that is both functional and appealing to the eye.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

This is the obvious flooring for a luxury bathroom, as there are stunning stone designs that will match your granite tops and the cost is much lower than using natural stone. Search online for vinyl flooring companies and you can view some of the finishes and choose one that matches your engineered stone. Luxury vinyl is extremely durable and the designs are amazing and look like natural stone or timber, plus vinyl can be installed on any substrate. Cork backing will give you the soft and silent walking experience that you would expect in a luxury bathroom or kitchen.

Quality Fittings

Things like bathroom taps and towel rails can be sourced from the online supplier and because their prices are significantly lower, you can order the best quality fittings and furnishings. The last thing you want is to have to replace your kitchen taps after a couple of years, so shop for high-quality items for luxury bathrooms from trade suppliers with a good reputation to uphold.


Lastly, adorn your bathroom or kitchen with simple furnishings such as artificial plants and flowers. Koch & Co’s gorgeous collection includes different types of greenery from potted Ferns, Aloe Vera, Succulents to Fiddle Leaf Figs. These simple decor pieces are great for bathrooms or kitchens that don’t get a lot of sun, and you need a no-maintenance solution.

DIY Project

If you are good with your hands and you have the right tools, going down the DIY road will certainly save you money, plus you can order top-quality products if you are installing them yourself, YouTube has lots of ‘how to’ videos on all aspects of kitchen and bathroom renovations, which you can follow step by step. First, make sure that you have the tools and equipment you need, then create a list of materials and create a floorplan, and finally costing the project.

Online Price Comparison

When you shop online, it is very easy to source competitive prices and when you find an online supplier that offers the best value bathroom suites, you can order everything you need in a single shop. Most online stores will ship for free if you spend over £100, and with the current pandemic, shopping online offers protection. Finding what you need is easy with search categories by product, colour, brand, and price, plus Google’s search engine will always seek out cheaper prices.

Luxury is a word we like to use when talking about our home and with the above information, you can create a luxury kitchen or bathroom on a limited budget.