Whether it’s bright and fresh on a spring morning or warm and glowing on a fall evening, few things make your living room feel more welcoming than the right kind of light. There are all sorts of decorating tricks you can use to make your home look luminous, even if you are on a tight budget, so why not give them a try?



Many people close off the light with heavy drapery arrangements. Sticking to blinds or to lightweight fabrics such as silk or voile, which are easily swept back, will allow a lot more sunlight to stream into your room. Clean your windows at least once a month for the best effect. Remember that cluttered sills block the light, but plants can help to create a more summery mood and can help to scatter light and shadow across the room in a way that feels more natural.

Walls, ceilings and floors

Using pale colors means your walls, ceilings and floors will reflect more light. Ideally, the ceiling should be a shade or two lighter than the walls to draw the eye upwards. Mirrors are fantastically helpful, but you’ll also find that glass-covered paintings can reflect a lot of light, bouncing it around the room.

Highly polished wooden floors make great reflective surfaces but aren’t to everybody’s tastes. Pale-colored carpets can work better than many people imagine as long as they’re cleaned regularly. Action Chem-Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Oakville, recommend getting professional cleaning done every few months on top of your day-to-day cleaning for the best results. This also helps to rid your home of potential irritants and allergens.


Artificial light

Artificial light isn’t just for nighttime – it can also complement daylight on gloomy days. Some light fittings, such as crystal chandeliers, play a secondary role by reflecting and refracting light that comes in from your windows. The best approach is usually to have several different sources of light available so that you can adjust to fit in with the weather, your mood, and the changing seasons.

LED lighting, now becoming widely available, is a great choice because in addition to being more environmentally friendly, it’s much more adjustable. You can now purchase LED lights that imitate daylight very well and even adjust over the course of the day as the color of natural light subtly changes. Many people find that these help them feel more energetic in the daytime and sleep better at night.

Keeping it flexible

Well-chosen lighting and décor makes it possible for you to keep your home bright and welcoming but make easy changes. For instance, having a lamp or two with rose-colored shades means you can instantly make your living room look warmer and having angled mirrors on your mantelpiece or shelves means you can direct light where you want it to go – perhaps to pick out a favorite ornament or to help you read. Whichever way you go about creating it, an intelligently lit home is a happier, healthier place to be.