When you’re trying to think of a gift for someone who you think has everything you’re looking at very hard task indeed. What do you buy? If they have everything then surely anything you do get is going to be a waste of time, money, and effort? You might think it’s a totally thankless task.

Well, no. The aim is to go for something fun, something different, and something useful that they might not have thought of before. It’s not the easiest task in the world, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking, to put into practice the next time you need to buy a gift for someone who has it all. If you want more unusual gift inspiration, check out Hawkin’s Bazaar and Unusual gifts to get inspired.


Think about their favourite TV show

If they’re a big fan of a particular TV show, particularly a cult TV show, then think about something related to that, perhaps a printed T-shirt, a pair of PJs, even a cup; basically this shows that you put thought into it, you thought about something they enjoy and adapted the idea accordingly. It could even be as small as a keyring.

Board games are fun

You might have them down as dust harbourers, but board games are a great fun ways to spend time in the evenings, and they’re a good laugh too – there is no better gift than the gift of laughter.

Chill out with a head massager

Busy people get stressed out, and you can buy head massagers which help them chill out instead. What better gift than that?! Useful, functional, and relaxing.


Sing in the shower

Everyone loves singing in the shower, it’s just one of those things we all do but rarely admit to, so buy a shower radio they can stick to the wall and they’ll love you forever!

Think arts and crafts

Everything crafty is making a big comeback, and inspiration for a new hobby is a great gift to give. It could be card making, cross stitch, knitting, decopatch, drawing, basically anything they can get their teeth into and enjoy.


The gift of music

Nobody has all the music in the world, that’s just an impossible task, and there’s always new releases coming out by favourite bands. Help your friend who has it all stay ahead of the musical game with an iTunes voucher. This might sound like a very run of the mill, boring suggestion, but look at it this way, if they want some music at some point, they simply get it with the voucher, with no need to spend it right there and then. Music is the soundtrack to life, they say!

Finding the perfect gift for someone who ‘has it all’ is hard, there’s no denying it, but with a little deep thinking, perhaps thinking outside the box, and taking into account their favourite pastimes, you should be able to find something a little different, a little kitschy, and something they’ll treasure forever, without the need for duplicating something they already have.