It’s 2015 and people are gay. This is a known fact, and really not an issue any more, not in any progressive place anyway. Gay people have proven that they are just people, like anyone with the same requirements, hang-ups and wishes like anyone else. One of those wishes, is the desire for parenthood. Common sense tells us that a well-adjusted adult’s sexual preference doesn’t negatively affect the child of that adult. However, as with many of these things, we require hard evidence to show our proof’s and to remove some people’s biases. Enter the University of Melbourne with a study that surveyed 315 same-sex parents and their 500 children.


What were the results? Well simply put, nothing. Well, that’s not actually accurate, generally the researchers found that the children “had higher scores on measures of general behavior, general health, and family cohesion compared to population normative data.” Wow, so empirically, we are seeing better results from gay parents with raising their children than we are from straight ones. Why should that be though? Well one theory stems from the fact that it isn’t possible for gay parents to have unplanned children. A gay couple having a child requires time, and thought and preparation, which leads to a better home for a child to grow up in.

In fact, a paper, prepared by Drs. Perrin and Siegel, and then printed by the American Association of Pediatrics, based on 30 years of scientific data on gay parents show that the sexuality of the parents is unimportant and what is really important to a child’s well-being is their relationship with their parents along with their parent’s sense of competence and security and the presence of social and economic support for the family.


So really what’s ultimately important is to have all resources available to straight and gay parent, especially since a gay parent is just as lost as straight 1st time parents. Gay parents however, are less inclined to subscribe to gender specific roles in their general lives and also their parenting which tends to have the children being growing up without gender stereotypes which leads to a more harmonious family and leaving the children with better well-being and health.

Quite frankly, love is love, and love always wins. Let us start judging parents based on their parenting skill and ability and not their sexuality, because trust me, gay parents, they’re as good as straight ones.

Equal in Every Way
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