Buying gifts can be a challenge, there’s nothing worse than giving a gift to someone and realising, almost instantly, that they don’t love it and probably will never use it. Gifts can be very personal, but if you don’t know the person you want to give a gift to very well, it’s better to stay on the side of caution by purchasing something almost anyone would love. Yes its not as personal, but it’s better to find something that wont be wasted. We’ve made a few suggestions of gifts that almost anyone would love, to get you inspired.


A Hamper

Food is expensive, no doubt, and also little luxuries are becoming mostly unaffordable for weekly purchases. As such, there’s almost nothing better than receiving a lovely hamper filled with delicious high quality products, such as wines and fine cuts of meats. There are many beautiful hampers to choose from to suit every occasion, so you’ll only be limited by your imagination and perhaps your credit card.

Meat Hampers

If you know that your recipient isn’t a vegetarian, why not go for a meat hamper? This is even better during the festival season, such as Christmas when the food bills can get crazy. At least you know that not a tiny bit of the hamper will go to waste.

Gift Cards

Yes, a little generic but who doesn’t love getting a gift card. It’s the best of both worlds. The buyer gets to choose the general purpose of your gift – is it a bookstore gift card or a clothing store gift card, or something more general and you get to choose how to spend it. Bliss. This is especially useful when buying for teens who seem to change their mind almost daily. Avoid a present disaster with a gift card.

Travel Vouchers

One of the best gifts I ever received were some travel vouchers to put towards an upcoming trip. It was both thoughtful and very helpful, as who doesn’t need a few extra pennies to go towards a trip. If you know the specific place your recipient is going, you could even get them some cash in the local currency. It’s a super thoughtful gift that doesn’t have to cost the world.

Ask for Hints

If you’re still lost, why not as a mutual friend or family member for hints. It can be a challenge buying for someone who’s in a different age bracket to you or has different hobbies. Asking around can be a great way to potentially find out about something they really need – and you can buy that as a gift. Often the most practical gifts, the ones we use the most, are the ones we appreciate the most.