The dog days of summer may be in full swing, but this is also a great time to throw the ultimate summer outdoor bash. In this article, we go over some party tricks and treats that help to make sure this is an event of epic proportion.

Themes Make it Fun and Easy


Go with a theme. Themes are fun, and they get your guests into the mood to enjoy themselves even before the party starts. Color themes and nautical themes are two options for any outdoor party. Themes also make decorating much easier, and they get people into the mindset of being creative.

Decorations for the Perfect Outdoor Bash

Is decorating a pain? You can use a decoration rental store for big props, or you can go the DIY decoration route. Remember, that there are no rules beyond setting the stage for the “party of the year.” Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for decorations and DIY decorations. A good tip is to set a budget and then try to get the most out of what you spend.

There are a ton of things around your house that you can repurpose and make into decoration. For example, your recycling bin is probably full of bottles and jars that can serve as elegant vases with just a little artsy work.

Party Games to Keep it Fun

Games are fun. Great ideas for games include scavenger hunts. An awesome scavenger hunt is a bit challenging, but the reward is what drives players onward. Consider an all day party where guests hit the town early to find clues that eventually lead them to your home and dinner. You can make the search area smaller by containing the hunt to your yard or block.

If a scavenger hunt is not your thing, party games that bring people together work, too. Ideas can include interactive games such as Charades or Pictionary.

Party Food that Wows Your Guests


Spice up your party with great food. Bypass that same bowl of Chex Mix and go for some real food. Check in with the Lobster Place and order the freshest of seafood for your grill. Seafood goes great with a nautical theme. Start with a good wine such as a Pinot Noir, crisp Chardonnay, or maybe a blended Merlot. Artisan beer is also a good option while sushi can make a great appetizer. Seaweed salad, potato salad with shrimp or crab and, of course, your grilled lobster finishing off the main course.

For dessert, Key Lime Pie, Pavlova with fresh fruit, chocolate mousse, or berry cobbler all make excellent choices for a backyard party, and are sure to impress your guests.

The best advice for throwing an outdoor party is just to have fun with the entire process. Whether you choose a theme or not, it all boils down to spending quality time with quality people. Here is to the best summer backyard party this year!