Cooking your own meals is not just a great way to ensure that you actually know what goes in your food, but also a very healthy way of living and an amazing way to relax after a long way. Fortunately, the modern kitchen is the kind that will provide you with all the help you need – you just need the right tools. Which are they though? Which are the tiny (or less tiny) things that make your life easier in the kitchen? Read on and find them out.


Heat-Resistant Glass Baking Casserole

There is a huge number of companies who manufacture these useful kitchen tools – make sure you choose a well-known one because it will be worth every single cent you pay on your baking dish! The best thing about heat-resistant glass baking casseroles is related to the fact that they truly last for a lifetime. Even more than that, they are useful for just about anything you want to cook in the oven: from chicken to cake. They don’t stick and they cook everything evenly – so they will definitely make your life as a home cook much easier!

Silicone Spatulas

Generally speaking, non-stick pans are quite sensitive to scratching. A metal spatula is perfectly fine when you don’t want to work with this kind of pans, but if you really want to take care of them you should make sure that they don’t get scratched. Silicone spatulas are the perfect way to do this. They will scramble eggs, flip pancakes and help you with oven-baked sweets as well. Even more, they will clean up very easily and they will resist virtually any kind of temperature you may use them on.


Mason Jars

If you are on Pinterest, it is impossible not to notice at least one or two pins related to Mason jars. Truth be told, these basic and simple kitchen tools are so popular for a reason: they are amazing for just about anything you may want to store. They work wonderfully for jams and you can use them to make ice cream, to store leftovers, to make flavored water or even to decorate your kitchen with some nice flowers. The number of possibilities is limitless when it comes to them!

Herb Grinder

Yes, this thing does exist and it is one of the most amazing kitchen-related inventions in the history of mankind! If you like cooking, you’re probably more than appreciative of your herbs. After all, they are healthy and they add delicious flavors to just about any kind of food you may want to cook. The main downfall with them is that if you are not very careful you can easily “season” them with your own blood when trying to chop them. With the herb grinder, this is no longer a problem. Simply use it like you use your pepper grinder and you’ll get fabulously chopped herbs in an instant.


Cake Slicer

Don’t you hate it when you’ve made this amazing TV show-worthy cake, you try to slice it with your knife and then you realize that what’s in the plate is nothing but a weird “mush” of cake and frosting? Apparently, some people hated it too and they invented the perfect cake slicer. That thing is so amazing that it cuts perfect slices and keeps them together until they get unto the plate – and it does this absolutely effortlessly!