Maintaining a household can surprisingly be a lot of work, throw in a few children or housemates and it can almost feel like a full time job keeping your home running smoothly. Thankfully as time goes on, technology improves which makes it easier for us to keep on top of our household needs. From ordering wine online, to using a financial app to track our spending, there are many ways you can streamline your house management. Read on to learn more tips for how to organise your home life.

1. Look Into Delivery Services
If you’re anything like me, a quick pop into the grocery store can take hours and cost you much more than you expect to spend. I personally love doing my grocery shopping online because not only does it save me an hour or two of having to physically go into the store, but I find that I spend less. As I’m sticking to a specific shopping list, rather than being distracted by things I see in store, it’s so much easier to stick to my list and not overspend. Some online grocery stores also allow the option to repurchase previous lists, making it easier to do your shopping! It’s not just groceries you can order online, you can also enjoy the best custom wine club, ensuring regular deliveries of your favourite wine without you having to think about it! Likewise there are also delivery services for delicious and healthy vegan & gluten free breakfast jars such as those from Freedom Jars, allowing you to eat healthy and save time.

2. Use a Cleaning Roster
This might not be super helpful if you live alone, but if you live with friends or family members, implementing a cleaning roster is a wonderful way to share the workload. I find that a weekly roster works well, and you can divide tasks down to areas of the house. If you have children, this can be a wonderful way to get them involved and to ensure they’re earning their pocket money too!

3. Download a Finance App
It can be hard to keep track of your spending if you don’t even know what you’re spending. There are numerous personal finance apps out there that help you track your spending automatically, allowing you to categorise your spending each month, to see where you could reduce your expenses. There are so many great apps out there, so it’s just about finding one that you love. I really enjoyed Toshl finance but you can ask your friends and family to see what they’re using.

4. Start Small
Overloading yourself with tasks can be overwhelming. The truth is small changes will make a big difference in the overall running of your home. I like starting with small changes and watching them snowball. For example, starting to make your bed every day only takes a minute or two, but can make a big difference in terms of how organised your home feels and how relaxing your evenings are. Choose one thing a week to work on, and watch the changes add up!

An organised home can help you feel more relaxed and calm – and who doesn’t want that. Use these four simple changes to ensure that your home is even more organised than ever before.