Weddings are one of the most special and stressful events you’ll ever organize. There’s so many things to consider, from the floral arrangements, where you will get married, how many people you’ll invite and of course all the small details. I personally think it’s important that your wedding day reflects your personality and relationship. There are a few things you can do that wont break the budget that will make your wedding feel a little more unique.

1. Spend a Little Time and Thought on the Invitations
Chances are you’ll keep your invitations forever to look back on your special day. I think it’s important to invest a decent amount of time and money to have invitations you’re proud to send out. Whether you’re looking for a vintage wedding invitation or elegant wedding invitations, sitting down with your partner to sort through the styles that will work best for your special day. My suggestion is to ensure you start thinking about your invitations at least six months in advance, because it may take you a while to decide on something you love.

2. Think About the Cake
Have you ever been to a wedding where the wedding cake tasted good? Chances are you haven’t – just like me. As such, maybe it’s worth considering doing the cake a little differently. You could find a plainer looking cake that’s actually delicious or shake things up by having cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. There’s also a trend of having an entire dessert table, perhaps with the cake as the centerpiece. Surprise your guests by mixing things up and sharing with them your favourite cake or dessert on your special day.

3. Consider the Environment
There are small touches that you can add in that will change the dynamic of the day. Lighting and music are probably the biggest ways to influence the overall mood of your special day. Consider adding in some fairy lights for a whimsical vibe or going over the top with candles in order to make a very romantic evening. Music is also an easy way to influence the day, I personally think it’s fantastic if you can have two or three different types of music, such as an opera singer during the dinner and then a DJ for the reception. The contrast makes the day very interesting!

4. Give Gifts You’d like to Receive
Now it’s become common to have little gifts for everyone that attends your wedding. This is a part of the wedding that can easily add up in cost. I think it’s thoughtful to give a gift of something you personally love, whether it be your favourite coffee beans, a sweet treat, or even deciding to do a candy bar at your reception with little baggies so people can take something home with them.

A wedding is a very exciting time of year and using these tips, you’ll be able to have your day better reflect your love and personality.