Relationships can be a lot of work and often life gets so busy that we forget to show our partners how much we care about them. This can be a dangerous trap to fall into, because we may end up taking them for granted and the relationship can end up feeling a bit stagnant. Surprising your partner is an excellent way to add a little more spark into the relationship and to also make them feel treasured, as they should. If you’re looking for some ways to surprise your partner, here are my top 4 favourite ways to make them feel like a priority to you.

1. A Special Gift
Have you read the book The Five Love Languages? It’s a great book and I suggest it to all my friends that are having trouble in their relationships. It discusses how everyone has a love language or a combination of love languages, and often what we give is what we want to receive. If your partner has “gifts” as their love language, or you notice that they’re very thoughtful and generous at buying you gifts, then it’s likely that they would really enjoy receiving a gift. Gifts don’t have to be expensive – after all, it’s the thought that counts. The fact you spent some of your day hunting for something you thought they’d love. If you’re stuck on what kind of gift to get, I feel like you can never go wrong with jewellery, such as these gorgeous earrings: Another gift I think is really fun is a subscription service, you can choose something like a FitFabFun box or maybe even a monthly delivery of coffee like No matter what you choose, your partner will be thrilled you’re thinking of them!

2. A Surprise Trip
There’s nothing more fun than being whisked away to a surprise destination – not knowing where you’re going or what you’ll be doing. A few times my husband and I have taken each other on surprise trips, not letting the other person know where we’re going until we arrived at the airport. You can obviously do something a little more local that works into your budget, but the premise is still the same. Plan a special weekend trip away and let them know about it on Friday night, after a long day of work. It’s a great way to inject a little more romance back into your lives.

3. A Mysterious Date night
If money is a little tight, or you want to do something that you can do more frequently, then a mysterious date night can be a great compromise. It’s the same concept, plan something special, keep it a surprise and reveal when you’re on the way or at the destination. I would suggest giving a suggestion for dress code – if you’re headed to a fancy restaurant it’s nice to let your partner know to suit up. Likewise, if you’re planning to do a round of mini golf, maybe high heels and a miniskirt isn’t the best attire. Get creative and I’m sure it will be very much appreciated.

It can be hard to keep the romance alive as the years fly by, but with these three simple tips you can make your partner feel special and appreciated, all while surprising them!