With summer around the corner, there’s even more reason to get some friends or family together to enjoy the good weather and make some special memories. I personally find the cooler months tend to make me want to hibernate, so when the sun comes out I really want to make the most of it. Hosting people is a fine art, and something that you can easily improve with a few small adjustments. Here are 3 tips for hosting people at your home during the summer months:

1. Think About the Drinks You’re going to want to think about what drinks you can provide your guests when hosting. It can be a nice option to have a speciality coffee or tea available to those guests who aren’t drinking alcohol for whatever reason – maybe they’re detoxing, pregnant or just trying to cut back. I suggest investing in a good quality espresso machine so you can really impress your guests, like one of these https://www.anthonysespresso.com/Bezzera. The truth is, coffee is delicious and wonderful at any time of day, so it makes for the perfect drink to share with your guests. Likewise, making up a batch of iced tea is also a wonderful thing to offer during the hotter months. You can buy a wide range of herbs and spices online here https://www.botanicuniverse.com/collections/herbs-and-spices for all your iced tea needs!

2. Don’t Do It Alone Some of the best dinner parties I’ve been to have been bring a plate. I love hosting and going to these kind of dinner parties because they take the pressure of the host – everyone does their bit by bringing a plate along. I suggest it can be wise to coordinate ahead of time who will bring what, so you don’t end up with an excess of a certain type of food. While there’s nothing wrong with having 5 desserts, it might be better if the meals are spread out across the evening. You don’t necessarily have to ask people to bring specific things, but maybe allocating who will be making an entree, main, dessert and so forth.

3. Think About Seating While you might not have a dinner table large enough to fit all your guests, it’s very important to ensure there’s sufficient seating. If you’re planning to host your event outside, can you borrow chairs and tables from family and friends to ensure everyone fits? If that’s not an option, what about doing a picnic style meal with blankets in your yard? If you wont have enough formal seating for everyone, it might be worth changing the food style to more of a tapas style – smaller bites to pick at which can easily be done sitting or standing. Just be sure to have enough formal seating for older friends or family members who may struggle to stand for too long!

Hosting events over the summer is something very special. It’s great to get your loved ones together over a nice meal. Don’t forget to call on friends and family to help you – it can make the entire process more fun and create a more bonding experience.