Have you recently bought a new home? Perhaps you’re just ready to update the furniture in your home. Either way, this is an exciting time. New furniture is quite an investment, especially if you’re looking to fully furnish an entire home. I always suggest that you spend more on quality furniture so that it lasts. Here are 3 tips for buying furniture:

1. Rent Before You Buy

If you’re moving and you don’t have enough money to buy your furniture in cash, it might make more sense to rent your furniture until you’re able to buy it outright. I’m not a big fan of buying things through credit, as often you end up paying so much more in the long run for the same pieces. Renting furniture is also a great option if you’re moving somewhere that you will only be temporarily, or you’re not sure that you’re going to stay there long term. There are plenty of options for renting furniture and various price points to suit every budget. Check out www.rentalcity.ca/product-category/furniture/ for some great options for furniture rental.

2. Invest in Quality

Furniture and bedding is something that I personally have no problem investing in. Personally I find it much better to purchase quality furniture that’s going to last, that is comfortable, and fits my style perfectly, than to go for something cheap that wears down fast and needs to be replaced much sooner. Obviously there’s a huge spectrum of price points and at the end of the day your personal budget will be the deciding factor in what kind of furniture you go for. www.sunpan.com/usa/ have a fantastic range of beautiful products that will suit most budgets. My advice is to purchase the best quality furniture and bedding that you can. When you are buying a new bed, you need to consider how much time you’ll spend in it. If you sleep around 8 hours a night, then you’re spending about 33% of your day in bed, so you’ll want something that’s comfortable, supportive and good quality. A good bed can last you a decade, so when you factor in the overall cost but how long it lasts for, then you can see why it’s worth spending a decent amount of money on your bed.

3. Go Second Hand

I personally think it’s better to buy quality second hand furniture, than to buy something brand new that’s cheap, uncomfortable and prone to wear. You can find second hand furniture from friends or family, which is a great way to save money when you’re setting up a home for the first time. Likewise you can use online sites like Ebay or Craigslist to find out about some second hand bargains. I would suggest looking out for furniture that’s around two to four years old, any older and the pieces are likely to have issues with sagging or substantial wear and tear.

Furniture is one of the most fun things to buy for your home, because not only does it dictate the personality of your home, it’s also where you’ll spend the majority of your time at home either sleeping or lounging!