Travelling can always be a rewarding experience! And while enjoying your trip is definitely extremely important, it is also crucial that you prepare for all circumstances too – regardless of whether you want to travel to the other side of the world or just to the neighboring country. 

For example, if you have decided to visit anything in Europe, the EHIC Card will be more than essential to your well-being there. Why is this card so important and what exactly does it cover? We have gathered some of the most important things to know about the EHIC Card – so read on and find out more. 


What Is It? 

The EHIC the short-form from the “European Health Insurance Card” – you can easily apply for an EHIC Card Renewal online. The card is meant to help travellers continue their stay in the foreign European country without having to return home in case medical care is needed. 

What will it cover?

EHIC is intended to cover for pretty much all emergency medical needs you may have while travelling to another European country. Sometimes, the medical benefits will come at no cost at all, while other time they will come at a reduced price – but either way, a wide range of medical services and products are included with the EHIC card. 

Should you use a third-party processor? 

The European Health Insurance card is available for free to all citizens of the European Union countries (plus other countries in Europe that have special treaties with the EU – such as Switzerland, for example).  The only places in Europe where EHIC is not available are the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, which do no supply coverage for this insurance. 

However, at a closer research you will find that there are many third-party processors which offer to deal with all the EHIC application formalities on your behalf, in exchange of money. They offer assistance and, although untrue, they also promise to speed up the entire process as well. 

We highly suggest you to stay away from these third-party processors. Although they are not completely illegal, they will not request money for anything actually worth it. As mentioned before, you can get the card by simply applying online on the aforementioned form. 


Are there any controversies?

The European Health Insurance Card has been associated with controversy too. Due to certain limitations in the regulations of the card itself, there have been certain people who have taken advantage of this and benefited from the card even if they shouldn’t have been eligible for it. 

How about Brexit?

With Great Britain leaving the European Union, many thought that the entire European Health Insurance Card system will fall from within. However, EHIC has recently made an official announcement according to which you still have access to the services and benefits provided by the European Health Insurance Card – so, up until now at least, the Brexit hasn’t influenced the availability of the card itself.