Successful businesses play a key role in solving many of the most common healthcare issues we are facing today. Business leaders are in a position of influence and exposure that can draw a great deal of attention and focus onto key healthcare issues, which can result in innovative and lower-cost solutions that are accessible to more people.


Funding makes more research and facilities a possibility

The cost of good quality healthcare and equipment can be very high. Corporate donations fill the gaps in healthcare systems so that more research can be accomplished and facilities can be kept up to date with the latest medical advances. This means that more hospitals can offer advanced care and procedures. Corporate donations can even increase the number of hospitals in an area and in some cases bring the only modern healthcare available to an area. When people are healthier, they are more productive and can lead happy and healthier lives, while developing a better economic environment for themselves and their loved ones.


Sometimes trying to tackle too many problems at once can result in not as much getting accomplished as when one issue is focused on. This is why many philanthropists choose to focus their philanthropy on one healthcare issue. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar search resultstell us that her work with the Gede Foundation is focused on treating and eradicating HIV in Africa and around the word. Jennifer has helped Gede grow to offer a variety of services such as patient counseling, so that those afflicted maintain good mental health, which can be a big asset when overcoming the disease. They also offer clinical services and education to those who have not had good healthcare choices available to them. Education means that spreading of the disease can be reduced because people are better aware of how it is spread and what they can do to prevent it.


Track record of success

It is encouraging to hear that nonprofit groups have been successful in finding low-cost and affordable cures for diseases. The Institute for OneWorld Health developed a cure for Black Fever through a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This resulted in a new antibiotic that can treat the disease for less than $10. Previous treatments cost over $200 and were not as effective in treating the disease that has taken the lives of more than 200,000 people in disadvantaged areas of the world. This is a great example of two organizations working together to find a cure.

Giving back

Even when a business is small, it can still help contribute to solving healthcare issues. It can be as simple as making a yearly donation to a group that works towards this goal, or volunteering time at clinics. Many smaller businesses donating can add up to big changes. Sponsoring fundraisers is another option. Philanthropy also has the added benefit of making a business appear caring and beneficial to do business with.