Your back is one of the most important parts of your body, and it is usually neglected in workouts in favour of the chest. Training and developing bigger back muscles can help you in many different ways. It will help with your posture, so you will find yourself standing up straighter and not hunching over as often. Working on your back also means that you will be able to train your upper body with more ease, whether that be your arms or your core. If you’re interested in training your back, here are five of the best exercises you can do.


Dumbbell Rows

You might need some fitness equipment to help you out if you are looking to train your middle back. Find everything you need from experts like the team at Fitness Market. Dumbbell rows are typically performed one arm at a time, where you pull the dumbbell into your midsection from a resting position. There are many different types of dumbbells you can get, so make sure you don’t overextend yourself and start with a weight you are comfortable with.


Pull-ups focus on your upper and outer lats, and they can be quite tough if you haven’t attempted them before. If you can’t pull yourself all the way up on your first couple of tries, do not despair – get a spotter or an assisted pull up machine to help you up. Keep working at it and you will have a strong back in no time.



Deadlifts are good for your lower back muscles, and training this area will prevent you from developing any kind of lower back pain. Make sure you focus on using your back and hip muscles while you are deadlifting, instead of your arms, and also watch that your legs stay straight and your knees do not bend.

Pull downs

These are similar to pull ups, but engage your muscles in a slightly different manner. They are more focused on the lower lats, and you can either perform these in a reverse grip or just a normal close grip. For the best results, squeeze your lats as hard as you can, and keep your chest raised while you are doing so.


Back Extensions

These types of exercises not only target your lower back, but also your erectors, gluteal muscles and your hamstrings. They can also be supplemented with a number of different types of fitness equipment, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what you are most comfortable with.

If you’re looking to focus on your back, these are some of the exercises you might want to look into trying out. Some of these may not be for you, and that’s okay – there are plenty of others out there, so make sure you find something that works for you and that you enjoy doing. Good luck and have fun!

Do you often focus on your back when you work out? Why or why not? If you do, what are your suggestions for others who may be looking to do the same? Leave your thoughts and advice in the section down below.