Nowadays there are many occupations and responsibilities that make everyone go from one place to another without stopping. It is a society dominated by stress, speed, bad posture and fast food. We practically live from day to day with little time to rest and disconnect.

Arriving home and lying on the couch exhausted while thinking about what to do for dinner or reviewing the day in case there is something that should have been done but has not been done finally. In reality, according to surveys, we spend an average of 26 to 46 minutes a day on leisure. Does anyone feel identified?

That is why it is advisable to indulge yourself from time to time, and get a good relaxing massage and even, if you wish, you can even get a happy ending at the hands of real private escorts in Cairns.

An extrasensory experience

What is the purpose of a massage? It’s not just about going to have four points of the body touched and leaving, it’s about something more. Every detail is taken care of so that you can experience a complete experience. 

A space that seeks that everyone who enters relax and forget all their worries and problems. So everything is designed to help the objective of the massage, to achieve maximum tranquility and eliminate all toxins and bad vibes. Therefore everything is ready to satisfy all the senses and that everyone feels comfortable. How?

Hearing: A good calming music can transport the mind to another level. Able to influence the mood.

Sight: Soft colors, a simple and not overloaded decoration, dim light.

Smell: A good air freshener, some incense or a scented candle, nothing intense or concentrated.

Touch: Soft fabrics, comfortable couch, a well-placed cushion…

Taste: In many places where these services are provided, they may also offer a glass of water or something to drink.

Types of massages

There are many types of massages, each one specific and concrete. And they can be done in so many ways …. For example, they can be given to couples at the same time, with stones, mud, bamboo canes, etc. Back, feet, at the home of an incall escort in Newcastle upon Tyne, in a specialized spa, with the hands, with the feet… And it depends on who, with what, where and how they are done.

The following are the best known and most popular ones, since many of them come from different cultures, traditions and different schools of thought.

  1. Therapeutic: is one that combines a series of techniques and movements to eliminate discomfort in any part of the body. For example, those suffered in an accident or when performing bad postures or simply due to stress. There are different techniques:  
    1. Swedish: A type of therapeutic massage that seeks to release tension. It is performed by warming up the muscles of the whole body to promote blood circulation and help the heart to work better.
    2. Thai: This is also performed on the whole body and has been practiced for thousands of years. Since the Buddha himself. It focuses mainly on a series of specific postures and stretches with key techniques that lead to mental, physical and emotional balance.
    3. Shiatsu: It is of Japanese origin and its name literally means something like “finger pressure”. It is about stimulating the body so that the vital energy or Chi flows, achieving harmony and preventing diseases.
    4. Decontracturant: One that focuses on eliminating the pain of, as its name suggests, the existing contractures. They usually appear mainly in the upper back, produced mainly by stress
  1. Reflexology: They are usually given on the feet, taking into account that all parts of the body have connections in that area. So if you stimulate the feet you can reach them.
  1. Massage with stones, mud, oils, algae: There are times when external agents are used, outside the hands or body of the masseur, to take advantage of their properties. Such as clays, creams, oils, hot stones or even seaweed. And they can be a perfect complement to the massage.
  1. Lomi-lomi: Coming from Hawaii, where they say they were inspired by the movements of the sea. It uses hands, forearms and even elbows for the massage. Thanks to them a series of rhythmic movements are made in which pressures are alternated.
  1. Erotic massages: These are perhaps the best known, as they can be given by the best female escorts in Christchurch, the couple or that friend with rights. It is a kind of foreplay focused on achieving ecstasy, enhancing pleasure and discovering the ability to feel in every corner of the body. They can be performed with clothes on or not, the question is to let yourself go and focus on what you are feeling at the present moment.
  1. Happy ending: It starts with a relaxing massage but evolves, raising the temperature to end up unleashing the passion in a sex session. 
  2. Four hands: If the idea of receiving a massage is already attractive, it doubles when it is received by two people. Perfectly coordinated to go over and stimulate every centimeter of skin.
  3. Tantric: It is a very special type since it follows the belief that orgasm can be reached without touching the genitals. Since it follows the ideas of tantra. The search for calm and happiness through relaxation, breath control, enhancing pleasure.
  4. Nuru: Of Japanese origin, thanks to the well-known geishas. Technically it means slippery and is nothing more than thanks to the help of various special oils the person performing the massage can “slide” down the body of the other person. That is to rub and feel every inch of the body of both. 

It is very important to know them minimally because in this way you will be able to look for the most appropriate one to enjoy. If what you are looking for is simple relaxation, to relieve some discomfort or something more spicy and experimental to know your own body. Now you just have to choose, let yourself go!