If you’re hoping to bulk up, or simply turn some of that fat into lean muscle, you may have considered a protein powder. And you may have decided you don’t need it, since protein powder is for gym-junkies and huge men.


Whey protein isolate has tons of benefits and can help you reach your health and fitness goals. Let’s take a look at what whey protein actually is so we can understand why it’s so helpful.

When casein is removed from milk in order to make cheese, whey is the stuff that’s left behind, and is then purified to make whey protein. This is a complete protein, and contains the amino acids we need to gain strength and build muscle.


Whey concentrate is purified and processed into whey protein isolate which means that it has a higher amount of protein when compared to whey concentrate. That means less fat and carbs for those who are watching their weight and focused on meeting their protein needs, in fact, whey protein isolate has 90% or more protein. Whey concentrate also has far more lactose, which means if you have even a slight lactose intolerance you should try to avoid them and choose whey protein isolate instead.

Whey protein isolate is excellent for those hoping to lose weight. Those who consume it before a meal will often find that they eat less, since protein makes us feel fuller and reduces our appetite. It has also been shown to support fat burning, augment muscle protein synthesis, improve insulin sensitivity and boost the immune system. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been missing out.

One of the biggest benefits to consuming Whey Protein Isolate is increased muscle mass. And when we consider the fact that muscle takes up far less space than fat, we can expect to get leaner and stronger at the same time.


Studies show that for best results we need to refuel with a high-protein snack within half an hour of working out. This is another reason why protein shakes are great- the convenience. Simply take a shake along with you and drink a smoothie with the protein isolate after a workout. You’ll be getting all of your protein and warding off the post-workout munchies.

Whey protein isolate also helps your body repair itself. As a source of branched chain amino acids, having some protein isolate after a workout means you’ll have less fatigue and your muscles will be working on repairing themselves after that heavy lifting workout.

In 2009, McMaster University in Canada found that those who consumed whey had 9 times greater muscle growth and repair than those who had eaten other types of protein like soy and casein (even at rest).

Some studies in rodents have even suggested that whey protein may give us the same anti-inflammatory benefits as certain prescription medication.

If you’re looking to change your body and improve your health, choose Whey Protein Isolate.