Our kids are our entire world and we would do anything to bolster and support their creativity and intelligence. Nurturing creativity in your children is very important to make sure that the wheel of creativity keeps spinning and enlightening your kids. There is a world that your kid has to explore in the future so it is important to nurture their creativity and decision making processes with pretend play.

Research Supports Pretend Play

There are researches done that support the theory that a child’s development gets bolstered through pretend play and that it helps them develop their intelligence and emotional quotients (IQs and EQs) as well as provide psychological stability.

Child development professionals have gone so far as to coin a name for creative developmental play: Imagination Quotient. So just how do games and pretend play help to engage children to unleash their creativity and intelligence?


1. Let Them Revise the Rules to Board Games to Exert Control

If you haven’t started your children off with board games and puzzles, it’s not too late to start. These board games are physically and emotionally stimulating and provide a sense of sportsmanship. Those of you who were fortunate enough to play ‘Monopoly or UNO in your early days may relate to the latter.

There are more conventional board games such as ladders and chutes, chess and checkers that may be played, but the rules are already set in those. This doesn’t undermine their efficacy but it would prove to be a good proposition to play games where the rules are malleable.

This allows you kid to set the rules and see what changes when they do that in a group of people. It can also give them greater control over the game. Both these things combined, will help raise the level of creativity and intelligence that you kid exhibits.

Puzzles are also a great way to increase intelligence and creativity in your children as they get to understand patterns and increase their ability to solve problems (by putting pieces together). You can find such puzzle games on www.goodtoplay.com

2. Pretend Play and Drama to Bolster Creativity

When your kid shows an interest in doll houses and dolls and is doing a bit of roll play with them, let them be. In fact, try to join in if you’re not busy.

The story books you read to your kids for bed time also help them create an understanding of how the world works, and they have the opportunity to play out different scenarios with toys so that they get more creative and see what could be done better. This also helps with bolstering their intelligence and creativity.

3. Make Their Own Games

You can also allow your kids to make their own games and develop their creativity. You can buy many different toys for them such as dolls and houses and watch them transform it into a role playing story. This can also be the same for games. You can encourage them to create a game for the whole family to play. The game your child comes up with may even pleasantly surprise you.