California’s new medical marijuana laws may have just started the taming of the wild west. After a historic vote that ushered in an era of recreational cannabis, regulation in the state now focuses on integrating laws pertaining to medical and recreational use. For anyone who immediately Googled “marijuana delivery near me” after the recent election, you need to understand that there’s some business to sort out before your dream of easily getting whatever kind of marijuana you want, anytime you want, and in any quantity, is a reality (if it ever will be).

Just like labeling laws offer consumers the ability to trust their wine and beer suppliers, and to know the potency of a bottle of rosé or stout, new laws for medical marijuana will require proper labeling, testing, and certification of marijuana from seed to final sale.


Searching for “Marijuana Delivery Near Me?” Pay Attention to What’s in Your Weed First

Everyone who orders medical marijuana for delivery should be purchasing their pot from a trusted and reputable source, but the ways that laws are set up now, it’s often hard to understand who is a good seller. New rules that begin in 2018 could make dispensaries shuffle more paperwork, get more permits and licenses, and fulfill other requirements in the name of consumer protection and transparency. Lawmakers will soon look to regulate more tightly who can sell medical marijuana, which dispensaries are able to deliver it, what information is required on product labels, and how the growing process should be monitored.


Say Goodbye to Dispensaries Who do Things Their Own Way

Industries in California have always wanted to do things their way, so the medical marijuana market’s desire to remain unregulated shouldn’t come as a surprise. But, stories about sexual abuse and exploitation of workers on marijuana farms, and other concerns, have the public and policy makers wondering if there should be strict laws on the books regulating the entire cannabis production process. California rules that are set to sweep the state will create a heavily regulated and extensive system for the growth, testing, and sale of marijuana—for medical and recreational use.

Will medical marijuana delivery be affected by new California laws? Before you search for “medical marijuana near me,” keep the following in mind:

SB 837, formerly the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act and now called the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, is a 3-part bill enacted that will create a comprehensive licensing system for California. This bill is supposed to oversee commercial cultivation, manufacturing, retail sales, transport and distribution, delivery, and testing of medical marijuana. Licenses issued within the medical cannabis industry will need to conform to these regulations and have the approval of local governments. SB 837 affects the creation of a consumer affairs agency, licensing, cultivation size limitations, vertical integration, the need for licensed distributors, local permitting, grandfathering in of facilities that were in compliance before new regulations, delivery, and more details of the medical marijuana industry.

It’s best to keep checking marijuana news articles and medical cannabis sites to determine the current state of affairs for medical weed. As with the wild west, times and situations change rapidly and there will surely be a need for everyone involved to get used to new ways of doing business. For now, Green Door West still offers Santa Monica weed delivery and medical marijuana delivery throughout the Los Angeles area.