Many people know that life insurance is a good idea, but few are aware of the complex factors that go into putting together a policy. Every life insurance plan is a little different, catering to the specific needs and circumstances of the policyholder. Your age, gender, and health are all important considerations that your insurance provider will look at when calculating your rates. While you can’t change your age, you do have control over several areas. Making smart lifestyle changes now can increase the sum that you’re able to leave to your family later.

Getting an affordable life insurance policy is more difficult if you engage in certain hobbies. Smokers can end up paying two to three times as much for life insurance when compared to a nonsmoker. If you give up the habit, you’ll not only eliminate the cost of the cigarettes, but you’ll also cut down on your insurance premiums. If you’re overweight, losing a few pounds can help you in the insurance landscape as well.

If you’re fit and healthy but you’re still concerned about the cost of a life insurance policy, consider the different types of plans that are available. A term policy will lock in your rates now so that you won’t pay more as you age. If you want a low-cost fix for the moment, a shorter policy is typically cheaper than a longer one. With so much to think about, try quizzing yourself on how much you know about life insurance from this Health IQ quiz. Arm yourself with knowledge before you start shopping for plans.  And check out Health IQ’s daily quizzes to learn more about insurance and general health topics.