Growing old can be fun an exciting – as long as you maintain your health and enjoy financial security. Improve your quality of live, and feel more contended with these great hacks for the elderly. 

Stay active… physically and mentally 

Exercise regularly even if you are doing it for around 20 minutes. Doing so encourages positive emotions, while making you feel more balanced. Your brain performs much better and you also relieve yourself of anxiety. 

Exercise also has physical benefits such as a stronger immune system, regulated blood pressure, greater stamina and better sleep. But being physically active alone isn’t enough. You should be mentally active as well, and stimulate your mind. Reading, writing, crosswords and sudoku are all great exercises to work out your brain. 


Enjoy being outdoors

If you want to de-stress and relax yourself, head outdoors. Hit the road and drive to a nearby Australian beech to have some fun in the water or trek up a hill. Even if you just take a walk or ride a bicycle, you’ll instantly refreshed and re-energised

Take care of your eyes!

As you grow older, numerous eye diseases are more likely to develop such as low vision, macular degeneration and cataract. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help you ward off the symptoms and maintain good eyesight, even in old age. 

LASIK is also an option if you’re suffering from myopia and similar diseases. Surgery is affordable and success rates are high, but educate yourself on the entire procedure before you sign up for it.  And do this only if you are the perfect candidate for LASIK. Eye doctors at Personal Eyes Institute can evaluate your condition, and help you decide if LASIK is the best option in your case.  

Deploy measures to prevent trips and falls

Slips, falls antrips are fairly common in old age. Wet floors, objectsscattered around the floor, worn-out carpets, tangled wires and dark rooms are all a huge no – they are among the most common causes of you losing your grip and falling down on the floor. 

Clear the floor of clutter, install hand-rails where necessary and cover up wires on the floor with cable covers like the ones available at

Buy funeral insurance – or even life insurance

Funeral insurancecosts can run over $10,000 in Australia, depending on the arrangements. Think about buying funeral insurance so that your loved ones don’t have to bear any financial burdens after you. For instance, Freedom Funeral Insurance covers all burial expenses and can easily be availed when requiredwithout any hassles or lengthy procedures. 

Alternatively, you can also invest in life insurance especially if you’re the sole bread earner f your family. This policy offers greater coverage including funeral costs. So you get more financial security… and thus greater peace of mind. 

Get rid of depression

Depression is known to affect over 6 million seniors. Recognise the signs and seek professional help.