Teenage drivers are simply at more risk when it comes to operating a vehicle. While they are thinking about how cool it is to get their driver’s permit or license, you really need to be thinking about talking one on one about safety. Not only does safe driving reward your in terms of insurance, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing you discussed everything you could about car safety with your teen. Before you go setting up safety tracking systems for your new driver, check out these safe driving tips


Discuss Being What It Means To Be A Responsible Driver

Every teen will have that “I know” moment. The moment they think they know everything and there is nothing you can tell them. Relate to them by telling them a story about an accident or someone you know. Let them know just how responsible you need to be in order to gain the privilege of driving, because it’s a privilege – not a right. Expose kids to the dangers of messing around with friends in the car and having too much fun while driving a car. Show them articles that relate to things like legal marijuana contributing to a rise in car accidents. Teens love to test you. Lead by example and don’t use your smartphone while you’re driving. These are great ways to get teenagers on the safe side of driving.


Consider Driver’s Education

Driver’s education is sometimes mandatory in some states. In others it can lower your young driver’s insurance premium. Above all, it helps young drivers understand driver safety in an educational, yet hands on setting. Driver’s Ed is great for teenagers that think they know it all or don’t like to listen to their parents. Your head strong teen will thank you when they pass their driver’s test.


Make A Driver’s Safety Pact

Extend some trust to your responsible teenager. Teens that are trusted are less likely to be a distracted driver or break the driving rules. Write your terms down on a piece of paper. Terms can include: a limited number of other teens in the car after dark or even no one else in the car after dark. No active social media during driving times. Rules on driving home from parties or study sessions. Once you both agree on the terms you sign it. If it’s broken, there are consequences like no car after school, no driving on weekends, or no friends in the car for a month.