Hair loss and receding hairlines are one of the worst nightmares for men. It provides so many negative impacts on our daily living. However, this hair problem can be treated in no time using various hair care solutions.

Today, we’re going to tackle the top causes of hair loss for men. Also, for each hair problem, we’re going to include some treatment to solve it effectively.

Hair Loss Root Cause and Treatment

  • Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is commonly used for treating cancer patients. It uses radioactive waves that kill cancer cells inside the body. However, it also affects the healthy cells that nourish our hair for growth. Therefore, it causes hair loss and thinning of hair for men.


What are the treatments for radiation therapy?

  • Proper Diet

It is crucial to follow a healthy but strict diet plan to restore your hair. Eating green vegetables can help you a lot.

  • Proper Rest

Having a complete sleep of at least eight hours a day is good enough to restore your hair condition.

  • Improper Medication

Drinking medicine is also one of the significant causes of hair loss and receding hairlines. Every time you drink medicine, it always comes with side effects.

One best example of a medicine that causes hair loss is high doses of steroids.

What are the treatments for improper medication?

  • Natural Home Remedies

Using natural home remedies like coconut oil can help to regain your hair growth.

  • Replace your Medicine

If you have a hair loss, consult your doctor immediately. They can provide you medical alternatives to prevent hair loss.

  • Heavy Styling

Over-styling your hair can add to the causes of hair loss. Men’s hair colors, gels, and hair wax are chemicals that can weaken your hair quality.

Also, men with long hair tend to use tight ponytails and braids. Excessive pulling of hair can damage your hairline and can lead to receding hairlines.

What are the solutions for heavy hair styling?

  • Avoid Chemicals

As much as possible, avoid using hair gel and wax so that the natural shine of your hair will get back.

  • Avoid Hair Dryer

Avoid using a hairdryer. The tremendous amount of heat from the hairdryer can damage the hair nutrients. It can result in hair loss.

  • Allow Hair to go Freely

Avoid using ponytails and braids. It can cause severe tension that can damage your hair.

  • Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is the leading candidate for hair loss for men. It is also called hereditary hair loss.

In male-pattern baldness, the hair follicles stop to produce hair growth. That’s because of unbalanced hormones for men that affect your hair root.

What is the best treatment for male pattern baldness?

A hair transplant is the best solution for male pattern baldness. Not only it gives a remedy, but it also provides a permanent solution for hair loss.

You can select either the FUT or FUE method of hair transplant. Whatever you pick, it will give you a youthful look.

Take Away

Any hair problems mentioned above provide specific solutions. However, before you select any hair remedies, make sure to consult with hair experts first.

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