If you are like most women chances are, there have been a times where body image issues have played either a positive role in how you view yourself and your self-esteem, or a negative role.

Body image issues are not uncommon, they are extremely prevalent amongst a variety of age groups, nationalities, and geographic locations. Basically, body image knows no boundaries.

As a woman, we are constantly deluged by images of what we “should” look like, what our bodies “should” look like and it is extremely challenging and oftentimes emotionally overwhelming to keep up.

We compare ourselves to other women, to supermodels and celebrities and we often wind up feeling that can’t compete and we don’t have value. This couldn’t be further from the case.

Positive Body Image

Let’s take women that feel super comfortable with their bodies. You know the, the one’s on the beach that still wear bikini’s even though they may be slightly overweight or out of shape, the one’s that may not have the perfect bodies but they ooze so much confidence that it doesn’t even matter.

Those women are out there, they exist, and they are prime example of how having positive body image boosts your self-esteem-even when they are not necessarily the picture of perfect health or beauty.


Negative Body Image

Now let’s look at the women that have body image issues that cause them to feel self-conscious in their own skin, those women who may be beautiful inside and out but never take their cover up off at the beach, or who never dress the way they want to because they feel that they don’t have the right body shape for their favorite clothing.

The way you feel about your body directly affects the way you operate daily, it can have negative effects on social interactions, working relationships and romantic relationships.

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Perhaps the most dangerous type of body image is to have indifferent feelings and emotions tied to the way you perceive your body.

When you are indifferent you may be easily swayed by the opinions of others which could lead to negative body image, detrimental effects on your self-esteem and confidence that could wreak potential havoc on you emotionally and psychologically.

The best way to combat indifference is to really take the time to self-reflect and ask yourself how you feel about your body, and you should be brutally honest with yourself.

If there is something that you truly don’t like about your body that causes you significant amounts of distress, then you need to explore the possibilities of how you can change that. Whether those changes mean diet and exercise or giving up any bad habits that contribute to what you don’t like, you can start there. But start you must!

Good Luck!