The stress and exhaustion of urban life can have severe consequences if not vented out in time. The mordent era is notorious for mentally draining a person rending him or her useless for experiencing the little joys of life. Therefore it has become an extremely important aspect to take some time off from the constant rat race and spend it in the service of your mind, body and soul. After spending an entire week slaving to make ends meet the weekends are nothing short of a boon for a person and this time should be utilized to unwind, sit back and relax. There are a number of ways to make the most out of your weekend without straining yourself physically or mentally, and here are some of those great ways you can indulge into.


Cartoons and comic books

Cartoons depict the harsh realities of life with a beautiful light heartedness that is hilarious, amusing and imaginative. Or it can be a pure collection of absurd creativity that is awe inspiring. Hence indulging into a comic book on your weekends can be a great way to let go of all your pent up strain and fall into the mind boggling world of fantasy and fun. Cartoons today are not just limited to illustrated pages, you can go online and enjoy some Meme Faces Comics or simply scroll through the hundreds of Facebook pages made by talented artists and check out their fantastic strips depicting love, life, philosophy, humour with an off handed ease, that is possible to achieve only with unprecedented expertise.

Connect with your soul

Stress and exhaustion is bound to take a heavy toll on the quality of your mind and soul. It can disrupt the stability of your mind and make you irritable, reactive and out of control. To avoid waking around like a hungry lion out of cage ready to attack anyone and everyone, try to calm your mind by meditating. Meditation is a phenomenal way to achieve the epitome of relaxation since it not only helps you unwind but it also restores your inner peace and recharges you for the rest of the week. Meditation helps you improve your concentration and mental stability. It helps you focus on your work, family and life better.

Disconnect from the clutter

Social media, television and the entire virtual platform sucks in a lot of energy from our bodies without our realization. So it is a very good idea to take a break from the virtual world and unplug for some time. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your feed or switching from one channel to another, spend some quality with real people who matter. Have a genuine conversation with you family and friends, enjoy a book or take a walk through the park and ditch your devices through it all.

It is easy to unwind if you understand what you truly need in order to relax. Give yourself a break every week and snatch away some just for yourself. After all, you deserve to be relaxed and happy, so dedicate your weekends to the same.