Everyone wants to know the latest when it comes to anti-ageing developments. Staying youthful for longer can be found on many individual’s wish lists, but battling one of life’s feats is impossible, no matter how much we try. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the full effects of ageing, instead we can at least look a few years younger, thanks to the beauty industry, and developments in serums, creams, lifestyle changes and simple surgeries.

Exercise – Experts claim that everyone should be performing at least thirty minutes of high intensity cardio every day in order to stay healthy. Not only does cardio burn fat, but incorporating strength training will build muscle definition, help sculpt a leaner body, and make you look and act genuinely fitter. Less excess skin will provide a clearer insight to your physique, and the endorphins produced from exercise will make you more than happy to show it off.


Update your wardrobe – It does not matter how much you work out, or how well you eat, but if you are covering your body in the wrong clothes, then you could be adding unflattering years instead of diminishing them. However, buying new clothes does not have to be horrifically expensive with cost saving ideas such as, watching your favourite celebrities and taking outfit inspiration from them and their stylists, or purchasing interchangeable outfits which can be mixed and matched, but staying forever stylish and in fashion.

A well-balanced diet – Eating well matters, especially if you care about how your body and general appearance looks. Getting your five a day, as well as eating lean, healthy proteins and omega 3 oils means your skin will feel rejuvenated, less blotchy, while your body feels energized and supple. There are a multitude of healthy foods out there ready for you to try, waiting to show you the lasting effects of cutting out the carbs and having a fresher approach to what you put on your plate.

Labiaplasty – A relatively new procedure increasing in popularity, although there are many “myths” surrounding this medical procedure. However, medical consultants such as David Ghozland, are fighting the stigma and ensuring the truth behind this minor surgery is known worldwide. Used for both aesthetic and medical purposes, this new procedure should be further researched and considered by anyone wanting their whole body to feel new and revitalized.

Drink plenty of water – One of the simplest yet effective ways of looking more youthful for longer is drinking plenty of water, yet very little people do so. Not only does it keep your insides working like a well-oiled machine, but staying hydrated can have a wealth of benefits for your outwardly appearance, too. Fine lines and wrinkles will soon deplete in numbers (of course we’re not saying you don’t need a great wrinkle cream too!), and your eyes will be rid of those dark circles; while your hair becomes glossy, and body less bloated.

By considering the points in this list, you will be closer to welcoming the younger self you doted upon back in the day. If a more youthful body is what will make you happy and create high self-esteem, then what are you waiting for? Start these changes now, and feel better tomorrow.