People often believe that Christians should be above the sin of drug addiction. However, Christians are like everyone else in that they sometimes succumb to the temptation to use drugs and alcohol, particularly if there are circumstances in their lives that inflict physical, emotional, and mental distress.

Addicts who believe deeply and want to get back in touch with their spiritual sides may shun traditional treatment centers in favor of those that can offer them the faith-based guidance and healing they need to achieve sobriety. If you have lost your way and want to return to a sober Christian way of life, you may be interested in resources like a Christian Rehab Guide and other online materials. In this resource, you may find treatment centers and programs that ascribe to your faith and also can offer you the spiritual support you need to become sober again.

Online Resources to Regain Sobriety

You may have browsed other online websites dedicated to traditional rehabilitation services and drug treatment. As appealing as they are, you still might be convinced that you would do better in a faith-based treatment center. When you read resources like A Guide to Spirituality in Recovery and other religious print materials found online and in local rehab centers, you may find facts that support your beliefs that this approach to treatment could benefit you most.

In fact, many Christians suffer from tremendous guilt over their substance abuse issues. They feel that they have committed such a grievous sin that God would never forgive them even if they repented and begged for mercy. They believe that they have been cast out and that they cannot approach the altar for forgiveness.

When they enter a faith-based program, however, addicts can find reassurance that they can be forgiven and that their sin is no more grievous than that of anyone else. As they undergo the physical aspect of healing, they also find redemptive spiritual healing in the prayers, Bible studies, and other faith-centered treatments provided to them in rehab.

Some addicts come to a Christian rehab center with no prior experience with the faith. All they know is that they crave some sort of spiritual guidance and feel called to Christ. When they enter this program, they can be taught the ways of Scripture and also receive guidance on how to use the Bible as a source of strength and peace. By the time they reach the end of their program, if not before, they might be ready to be baptized and forge a new path to sobriety and Christian living.

Factors to Consider

Before you choose a faith-based drug rehab program, however, you must consider some practical aspects of it first. For example, you must know if your insurance will cover some or all of the costs of the treatment. Some insurers network with secular treatment centers and consider those that center around religious beliefs to be privately funded and therefore not in network with the plan. Other insurers agree to pay for services as long as the center is accredited and licensed by the state. Before you check into a program, you may ask first if your insurance can and will be billed.

Second, you also want to consider any out-of-pocket expenses that you may need to pay. For example, your insurer may not cover the costs of prescription medications that you must take while in treatment until you meet your deductible. Likewise, some insurers may insist that you use generic prescriptions over name brand. Your insurer may also only cover a certain amount of time in rehab, thus forcing you to pay out-of-pocket for any time that exceeds that limit. You may check with your insurer to find out what deductibles and other expenses you must pay before you enroll in a treatment center.

Another aspect of your drug rehab services involves the center’s geographic location. Some addicts prefer to be close to home so that they maintain a support system made up of friends and family members. Others want to go through treatment in a different part of the state or country so that they can heal in private. This consideration may influence when and how you seek help.

Christians suffer from drug addiction just as much as anyone else. They may choose faith-based rehab services to help guide them toward recovery. You may be convinced to seek help by reading about a Christian rehab center’s advantages. You may also consider the financial aspects of rehabilitation