Have you been struggling to shift those last few pounds? Or maybe you have a lot of weight to lose and you’re just waiting for “the right time”. This may sound crazy, but the right time is never going to simply come along, and if you truly want to lose weight, the right time is now.

The trouble with most diets is the constant meal preparation and focusing on what you need to eat yet. It’s exhausting, and you find yourself focusing on food all the time. That’s why meal replacement shakes could be just the answer you’re looking for.


For those who think they can hit the gym and eat what they want, sorry to break it to you but this is unfortunately untrue. It turns out that reducing your calories is a much more effective way to shift weight than working out. And many people find that working out makes them feel hungrier, or they end up eating more because they overestimate how many calories they’ve just burned off.

Because meal replacement shakes have fewer calories than whole meals, replacing a meal with a shake can mean you save yourself at least 500 calories per day, which could be over a pound (or half a kilo) a week. This slow rate of loss is the best way to keep weight off, and is far easier to maintain than a crash diet.

This calorie deficit is a smart way to lose weight, and instead of constantly fixating on what to eat next and trying to create healthy meals, you can simply grab a shake and know that you’re on the right track.


Check that your meal replacement shake has at least 200 calories and at least 1/4 of it is protein, with plenty of vitamins and minerals. The protein keeps you feeling fuller, and you’ll find that meal replacements will help you keep the weight off in the long-term, since if you find yourself putting on a bit of weight you can simply swap out some meals for some shakes that week and get back on track.

The convenience is one of the main reasons why meal replacement shakes are so popular, and it’s much easier to grab a shake for breakfast or after the gym than to try to make a healthy meal. Counting calories is hard work, but by simply replacing a meal or two you’ll know that you’re getting your necessary nutrients while still creating a calorie deficit and making it easier on yourself when it comes to weight loss.

Once you’ve met your weight-loss goal, be sure to prepare yourself before you go back to eating normally. Keep some shakes on-hand so you can replace a few meals and educate yourself about which foods you need to avoid. Pu-erh Tea is a great way to fight cravings and a delicious way to keep the calories off even when you’re back to normal eating.