There are many jobs around the world that require employees to work long hours. The pay benefits may be worth the effort, but the entertainment and social aspects of life can greatly suffer from working long hours. There are plenty of activities to do in the day or at night, but if you are working long hours you’ll often find that you don’t have the energy to socialize or entertain yourself when you eventually do get home.

The following entertainment ideas are perfect for people with masters of public health, or people that are studying for an MPH degree at The University of Arizona.


1. Take Advantage of Netflix

Netflix may not be for everyone, but if you have just finished your shift as a nurse, then you may find flicking on one of your favorite movies is going to go down a treat. You can do this easily enough with Netflix, as it is filled with some of the oldest and latest movies for you to take advantage of. You’ll also find there are hundreds of boxsets ready to be taken advantage of as well, and it could be the entertainment you need when you get home from work.

2. Order a Takeaway

The last thing you’ll want to be doing when coming home late in the evening is cook, and there is certainly nothing wrong with treating yourself to a takeaway once in a while. The great thing is that you’ll be able to eat your takeaway whilst you are watching your favorite movie on Netflix.

3. Socialize on Facebook

Sometimes it’s not possible to socialize throughout the week because you do not have the time, which is why it’s a good idea to login to your social media platforms such as Facebook, to keep in contact with your friends and family. You’ll also be able to entertain yourself by watching videos in your newsfeed, and having a laugh at some of the funny memes that get shared.


4. Browse the Internet

The internet is massive, and there is always something to discover when you have your laptop in hand whilst watching TV. You’ll find that entertainment is easy to find, and not only will you be able to watch thousands of clips that will keep you laughing for hours on YouTube, but you’ll also be able to do your shopping, giving you a chance to kill two birds with one stone.

5. Get a Gaming Console

Whether you are a man or a woman, a gaming console can provide great entertainment benefits. You’ll get to play a lot of your favorite games, as well as take advantage of the likes of Netflix and browse the internet with some of the latest consoles.

The above entertainment ideas may be pretty obvious, but they all provide entertainment in a variety of ways without you having to leave the house to socialize.