When it comes to your health, new innovations and advancements are always welcome. The healthcare industry has evolved substantially in the last decade, embracing the internet and big data as tools to help prevent illness and keep society healthy. Caring for one’s health doesn’t necessarily mean visiting the doctor and taking prescribed medicine, and new trends in healthcare technology prove this. If your healthcare provider has been using the same set of tools to keep you healthy since you were a child, it might be time to look elsewhere for care.

Taking Your Health to the Cloud

Cloud storage for electronic health records (EHR) is one new innovation in healthcare technology with immediately recognizable advantages. Being able to access one’s health records at any time is essential for finding solutions to health problems across a wide range of practices encompassing both traditional and non-traditional methods of medicine. EHR benefits the provider and consumer by giving them more access to records at each party’s own convenience. Many EHRs come outfitted with information services so your doctor doesn’t have to stop doctoring when you have a question about your family history.


Patient Data Tells the Full Story

Keeping extensive patient records is integral to the healthcare process. Detailed medical histories are the best way to prevent accidents and complications when fighting illness. When it comes time for your healthcare provider to perform a complicated and timely procedure, you don’t want to be hindered by unorganized clerical work. An enterprise data warehouse is one of the best tools for analyzing patient data. These help improve quality of care and reduce the cost of treatment.

Rapidly Spreading Research

Better data means better science. When the public has access to more of their health data, and self-prescribed ways to track their vitals, society as a whole will become healthier. This leads to accelerated research as we naturally collect the data doctors need when we succumb to illness.

Next Gen Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been used for a long time, but the diversity of devices today is unmatched. According to Forbes, wearable technology was one of the most discussed topics at TEDMED and SXSW, and if the uncanny popularity of Fitbit tells us anything, it’s that quantifiable exercise data is all the rage. These new technologies will make patient data more accurate and plentiful than ever before. Other innovations in wearable technology will help administer medicine automatically by monitoring vitals and reacting accordingly.

App Store Rx

Medical apps are a popular new trend in healthcare technology. By putting volumes of medical information at your fingertips, people are more informed than ever. More importantly, many of these apps are backed by accredited sources insuring the information is accurate. Some apps allow us to connect with doctors in new ways. Curely allows people to reach a doctor to ask questions about everyday health concerns at any time, without making an appointment.

New trends in healthcare technology ensure that people will be living longer, happier lives as health and data converge into a new area of medicine based on real-time numbers and statistics