If you live with chronic pain, then you understand how much it can impact your life. It can change your mood, suck all your energy, and can influence how much you can work. Sometimes chronic pain cannot be resolved, but it can be managed in various ways. If you’re struggling to get on top of your pain, here are some suggestions for dealing with it. Of course, always check with your medical professional before changing your pain management routine:

1. A Warm Bath
I find that a warm bath does wonders for me when my back is absolutely aching. Lately, I’ve started adding in Epsom salts to my bath, which allows my muscles to relax even more. If you suffer from chronic pain then you know how much it can also impact the quality of your sleep, in turn influencing your energy levels. A warm bath, or better yet a soak in a jacuzzi, is a wonderful drug-free way to minimise your chronic pain.

2. Herbal Options

Check with your doctor and expand your knowledge by reading helpful resources online before adding any herbal supplements to your health routine. Many people find that natural supplements provide some relief for chronic pain issues. Numerous studies have shown how much TLC can help relieve chronic pain, so if you’re interested in trying this route you can explore the options here https://www.taleoftwostrains.ca/product-category/flowers/hybrid/ and from In Gaia’s Hands. Many people prefer to use a herbal form of pain management then stronger drugs as they find they can function better and have less negative side effects.

3. Physiotherapy
With the right physiotherapist, you can make a dramatic difference to your overall pain and pain management techniques. An experienced physio will do adjustments that help you in the office, as well as provide you with a range of exercises you can perform at home to help with pain management and strengthening your surrounding muscles to provide more support to your injury. I suggest asking around your friends and family for a local, tried and tested physiotherapist that has a lot of experience. If you are based in London, you might want to check out http://www.ckphysio.co.uk/ first.

4. Keep Active
It can be hard to remain active when you’re already feeling sore and in pain, but it can help ensure that you’re as fit and healthy as possible. It can be tempting to slow down and stop moving as your body becomes more uncomfortable but being inactive can result in more pain in the long run. It’s really important to keep a healthy level of lean muscle mass, especially as you age. If you’re struggling with chronic pain it might make more sense to focus on low impact exercises, such as yoga, swimming or cycling. These are great forms of exercise that do not put a lot of stress on your joints or injuries. It can also be worth meeting with a personal trainer to find a customized program that allows you to focus on your health. You might find that low weight exercises such as body weight squats can go a long way in strengthening your body.

Living with chronic pain can be really challenging, I hope these tips allow you to manage your pain in the best way possible.