Many people become unhappy with their appearance, and even after exercise and eating well, they still have problem areas they want to fix. Doctors performed tens of millions of plastic surgeries over the last five years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. But surgery has risks, including infections and long recovery times. For people who want to have procedures without the worry of complications, here are four of the safest plastic surgery options available.


Injectable Fillers

Until about 20 years ago, people looking for a youthful appearance turned to face lifts to remove wrinkles. This procedure is painful for some, and bruising and swelling sometimes last for weeks as the body heals itself. Injectable fillers such as botulinum toxins (Botox) or hyaluronic acid (Juvaderm) reduce wrinkles with minimal pain. Botox temporarily paralyzes muscle activity so wrinkles appear less defined, while Juvaderm uses a gel to smooth the skin. There is no need for surgery, and there is only mild swelling, so you can go back to your activities quickly.

Freezing Fat

People wanting to remove stubborn fat often go for a liposuction, but the procedure has risks. If you are allergic to the anesthesia, it raises problems to even have the procedure, and if you’re not, there are complications from the saline injected into the fatty areas. Small risks include infections, discolored skin, and uneven contour areas where the liposuction occurred. Freezing fat is a low-risk way to remove fat cells without going under the knife. The skin around the fat area is suctioned, and the skin cools down so fat cells shrink and die, and leave the body in a few weeks.

Using Infrared Light for Skin Tightening

If you notice sagging skin around your jaw line, thighs, or eyes, you think about getting surgery to have a younger, healthier appearance. For decades, the best option was to have surgery, but it puts you at risk for infections or scarring that defeats the purpose of looking younger. You also take a while to recover. Over the past ten years, infrared light procedures have made the process much easier. They gently heat the skin to help rejuvenate and tighten it. According to, one of the biggest benefits is the minimal downtime for recovery and the lack of discomfort.

Removing Fat with Low-Level laser Light

While freezing fat is a safer trend than liposuction, some people don’t like the thought of cold air hitting their skin. So, why not go the opposite route and use laser light? Low-level laser light is great to help people contour the areas they’re having problems with, even after regular exercise and eating healthy. Lasers “puncture” holes in your body to shrink fat cells, and excess fat is then released out of your body. Treatments are only an hour long and patients don’t feel the laser.

These procedures prevent you from having surgery and reduce your downtime, but always remember to do research. Have your procedures during a stress-free time, and make sure the office has an accredited surgeon with years of experience. These precautions help you to have a safe and comfortable experience.