As we reach the final stage of our life, many of us experience hair loss. Hair loss is part of our system, and we cannot do anything to stop this problem in our life. Although we explore the continuous development of technology, there’s still no treatment that can stop hair loss permanently up to this date.

However, there is only a method that offers the most efficient way to adverse or at least slows the effect of hair loss; and that is hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a surgical method that involves moving hair follicles from the donor area, going to the balding spot of your hair. The balding spot is also known as the recipient site. It usually is a practice to solve baldness issues for both men and women. Therefore, many hair experts believe that hair transplantation is considered the most effective method when treating baldness for men and women. Thanks to the rich History of hair transplantation, we are witnessing one of the best inventions in science.

Who Are the Candidates to Undergo Hair Transplantation?

The hair restoration procedure is granted to individuals who experience tremendous amounts of hair loss, bald spots and thinning of hair. That’s why many of us use this method because it offers so many benefits in our life.

What are the Major Causes of Hair Loss?

For Men

One of the top reasons why they’re getting bald is because of androgenic alopecia or male-pattern baldness. It is a hair loss problem because of the excessive production of DHT hormones. DHT hormones increase the sex drive of men and why they experience changes in their bodies.

Unbalanced production of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone hormones can cause shrinkage of the hair follicles in our head. When the hair follicles start to shrink out, it will never regrow again. As such, most men experience permanent hair loss.

For Women

Women, just like men, also suffer from androgenic alopecia. However, they are more immune to these unbalanced hormone changes compared to men. Most of the time, women only suffer from thinning hair. But the majority of hair problems usually occur to men.

What are the Benefits You Can Get When Using Hair Transplant?

Here are the benefits you can achieve if you consider hair transplant procedure as your leading solution to hair loss:

  • Improves Your Appearance

A hair transplant allows you to restore your youthful look. That’s because most people believe that having fuller and thicker hair will look younger. As such, it improves not only your looks but also builds self-confidence.

  • Offers Natural Look

Hair transplant provides a natural look because you’re using real hair. You are just transferring your hair from the back of your head to the bald spot of your head.

  • Generates Long Term Solution

A hair transplant offers a long term solution. So, if you want to experience a long term effect on having thick and healthy hair, choose the best, select hair transplant procedure.

  • No Adverse Effect and Completely Safe

A licensed hair surgeon does the hair transplant method. They can offer complete packages to ensure the total safety of their customers during the operation.