Moving forward in life is very important, if we find ourselves in a work situation where we don’t feel like we’re moving forward, it can be very easy to have it affect all areas of our life. In extreme situations it can lead to depression and an overall feeling of being stuck. That’s why I think it’s so important to feel like you’re moving ahead in life, no matter what stage you’re in. If you’re currently working and not feeling very satisfied with your job, there might be a few things you can do to feel better. When we consider how much of our lives we spend at work, I think you should at least enjoy it and get some kind of satisfaction! Here are 3 tips for career progression to help you keep moving forward.

1. Ask for More Responsibility

If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs come 2pm each day, barely able to find any tasks to occupy your time, then chances are you’re not going to enjoy your work very much. And while it might sound nice to be able to relax here and there, in the long run it can really impact your job satisfaction. I suggest making a meeting with your manager or supervisor to discuss the possibility of taking on more responsibility. This shows that you’re not only wanting to challenge yourself, but trying to give back to the company as much as possible. This should be rewarded with appreciation and also the possibility of a pay increase in the near future.

2. Think About Working for Yourself

If you’re feeling that you’re not getting anywhere in your current position and want to challenge yourself more, why not consider working for yourself? There are so many different ways that you can do so, and the Internet has thankfully made it easier than ever to pick up your own career. If you would prefer to work with something more tangible than online, then perhaps franchising is a good option for you. You’ll need some money to invest, but once approved you’ll be handed a blueprint for an already successful business. This makes it easier for you to seek funding from banks if you need it, and also helps you get the balling much faster than trying to figure out your own business. For more information, check out here.

You could also a new career in sales, potentially selling the best cleanroom systems for a tidy commission. There are so many great options out there, there’s no reason to feel trapped in your current position.

3. Check Out the Job Market

Sometimes we find ourselves at the top of our pay bracket, with very little room to grow in our current company. From my experience talking with friends and other colleagues, sometimes it’s easier to move companies and ask for a higher salary as a starting rate, than to try to get a substantial promotion in your current position. That’s why it might be time for you to check out the job market, to see what kind of other positions you could fit into elsewhere.

At the end of the day we spend so much of our time at work, it’s important that we enjoy it and have the opportunity to progress! If you’re in a position that doesn’t value you or allow you the opportunity to grow, then it might be time to try something different.