Thinking of running a bed and breakfast? With thousands of potential customers every year staying at your property, it’s easy to see why opening a successful B&B is a dream for many.

Here are 10 tips to help your B&B succeed.

10 – Make Sure You’re Ready For This

Opening and running a B&B isn’t all plain sailing. For many, it’s a 7 days a week, 24 hours a day job. There are rooms to clean, finances to manage, people to employ, websites to maintain and so much more.  Make sure you’re 100% committed to providing a great experience in all these aspects before your open your B&B.

9 – B&B Location

Every traveller is different. What experience you offer to your customers depends on your location. You should scout a number of different properties and think strongly about why a customer would want to stay there.

8 – A Brilliant B&B Website

Your first stop should be your website – you should have a clean, modern and attractive web page, complete with professional photos. Got a quaint cottage with themed rooms? Offer a premium-grade experience for wealthier travellers? Flaunt it online!

7 – Online B&B Visibility

Getting your B&B listed on external websites which specialise in helping customers find somewhere to stay is a must.  Some websites such as Eviivo even specialise in distributing your B&B reservation system across the web, doing the hard work for you.

6 – Great Brekkie

Those staying with you want great grub on a morning. If you’re not a great cook, you need to consider employing someone who is. Having a great breakfast with varied offerings, locally-sourced quality ingredients and having someone who knows how to make food special is a must for your B&B.

5 – Great Rooms

Just like your breakfasts, offering a great room to your customers is essential. Customers are looking for attractive places to stay when browsing the web; you want every aspect of your room to be modern, attractive and offer great facilities.

4 – Ask for Reviews and Listen to Feedback

Reviews of your business are great – if you’re done well, others will see these reviews and be more likely to consider staying with you. If they’re not good, you can use these to improve upon your services.

3 – Do the Maths

Part of running a B&B is all about managing finances. You need to consider running costs, from rent to buying ingredients. You need to then work out how to offer a room for a price that isn’t too high for the customer but makes sure you still earn a profit on top of your overheads.

2 – The First Impression

When your guests arrive, consider giving them something special. Whether it’s a freshly-baked cookie or a set of locally-sourced jams, giving your customers a friendly, warm welcome will go a long way.

1 – Yes, the Customer is Always Right

You may not agree with them, but when they’re staying with you, your customer is always right. Whatever they ask for, try to cater for them in the best possible way. Work to sort out problems, be pleasant and courteous and make anything that’s wrong right!