The beauty sector continues to be a thriving business that has different facets to cater for various customers. People are very busy in this competitive world which makes it hard to find time to visit physical beauty shops. As a beautician, you can target such people and fit into their busy schedules by either visiting their homes or places of work. The following are the basic things you need to know and need to avoid when starting a mobile beauty business.


  1. You need a business plan

A good business plan documents your goals and you can also use it to source financing. You need to budget and consider if you will run the business alone or as a team. Evaluate your achievements annually and be on the lookout for new market gaps in this industry.

  1. Branding is important

Using your name may suggest a personal service but can also hinder you from expanding in the future. The ideal name should say something about your values, personality or the business. Check whether you can buy a domain using your business’ name in case you want to start a blog or website. Check the National Business Register to confirm whether there is another entity using the same name.


  1. You need to promote your business

Competition is stiff especially when you compete with established brands that pay for regular ads. You can take advantage of social platforms and promote your business to potential customers. You can create a blog and develop an email list as well or respond to customers’ queries in real-time on your official social platforms. Join forums in this niche and offer professional advice and encourage contributors to reach out to you. Additionally, offer incentives or commissions to your customers when they refer a friend.

  1. Insurance

There are several business insurance covers for beauty therapists and beauticians that you can take to protect your business and clients. This job involves a lot of traveling and you can take a business use cover for your car.

  1. You need certification

Get a valid operating license to carry out your trade and convince potential clients that you are qualified. Use high-quality products that are safe and accredited by various players in the beauty sector. You can also become a member of various reputable professional associations for insights and collective bargains.

You can avoid rent payments and land rates by operating a mobile beauty business. However, you need to travel a lot which can take huge sums of money so avoid those clients with low budgets that cannot cater for your transport needs and services.